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Where's my reward

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WSVN -- In 1998, doctors discovered a tumor on Anthony Anderson's spine. They told him they had to remove it.

Anthony Anderson: "I had a 50-50 chance of walking. They only gave me a 50-50 chance on the table."

Anthony took the chance and today walks. Even though he is disabled and living check to check, which is why his ears perked up when a friend started talking.

Anthony Anderson: "She was talking about this kid that was over flashing money. Spending money, buying everything."

This was the man Anthony's friend had seen at a house in Pompano Beach. They googled his name, Kenny Konias.

Anthony Anderson: "It read over $2.3 million."

Konias was a Pittsburgh armored car driver for Garda, wanted for allegedly shooting his partner earlier this year in the back of the head and getting away with $2.3 million.

Anthony Anderson: "I read down to the bottom said $100,000 reward, I am going to call this number."

Anthony called the number and spoke to a Pittsburgh Homicide Detective. Anthony had one question before he told them where Konias was, Could he collect the reward?

Anthony Anderson: "Upon arrest you will receive the reward of $100,000."

Later police and the FBI picked up Anthony. He rode with them to the house where Konias was hiding and called a girl who was inside with Konias.

Anthony Anderson: "And at the time I am talking to her on the phone, she says 'Who is it? Who is it knocking at the door? FBI. Police everywhere,' and the phone dropped."

They arrested Konias.

Anthony Anderson: "He came out the house put him on the ground and he told them who he was and what he had did and he showed them where the rest of the money was."

Anthony said an FBI agent then spoke to him.

Anthony Anderson: "I am going to get in touch with Garda, make sure you get the money because you deserve the money."

Anthony doesn't know if the agent spoke to Garda for him, but he sure knows he has not received the reward money he said he was promised.

Anthony Anderson: "I am sitting by the wayside and they got over $2 million back."

A Garda attorney told Anthony he would get the reward, not after when Konias was captured, but when he was also convicted. Anthony said that's not what he read on the web, or what law enforcement officers promised him.

Anthony Anderson: "Garda doesn't appreciate what I did for them by not doing their part."

Garda did send Anthony a letter offering to settle things for $45,000. He said no. He wants what he said they promised, $100,000.

Anthony Anderson: "That's all I want. Just keep their word."

Well Howard, Anthony said he was promised the $100,000. The reward, if he took them to Konias. So does the company have to pay him now?

Howard Finkelstein: "No they don't. This is what the law calls a unilateral offer. In other words, if you do what they request it's a contract, and if someone like a newspaper misstates the offer, it's not Garda's responsibility. They don't have to pay the reward until there is a conviction."

We did some research and found three different articles, including one from a Pittsburgh newspaper that said Garda was offering $100,000 for the capture of Kenny Konias.

Garda sent us their release from the time of the robbery and murder that said for the arrest and conviction and the recovery of the stolen funds.

A spokesman told me we are not trying to renege on the reward. In fact, they will give Anthony $50,000 now and then the recovery of the funds will determine the final allocation.

In other words, the remaining amount of the reward will be determined by how much of the $2.3 million they find.

Howard Finkelstein: "If Anthony accepts the $50,000, it creates a new contract with Garda and they determine how much of the other $50,000 they give him after a conviction. However, if Anthony waits and they don't convict Konias, he gets nothing. So I would take the $50,000 and worry about the other $50,000 later."

That's what Anthony will do. Take the $50,000 now and hope to get the majority of other $50,000 if and when Konias is convicted. And if he happens to know where another suspect is hiding.

Anthony Anderson: "If that incident happened and I know about it, I might just turn my head. I don't even want to get involved with that cause it takes too long."

Now when you see a reward offered by a family or by a police department, if you do what they request, they have to pay you. And in all the years of doing Help Me Howard, I have never heard of someone not being able to collect a reward. In Anthony's case, it's not as fast as he wants, but odds are he will get his money, eventually.

Feel like you have been robbed of your peace of mind? Ready to reward yourself? Bank on us. We will truck in and hopefully you can cash in.


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