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666 Plot

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WSVN -- Eduardo and Maria grew up in Cuba, moved to the U.S where they eventually got married and had a family.Maria Lopez: "Wonderful, we traveled a lot. We had our times but we were able to travel recently and go all over the world."But while on a trip to visit her mother, Maria got a call that Eduardo was dead.Maria Lopez: "It was a shock because everything changed in one minute. Your hole life changes in one minute."Maria was in shock, but at least the couple had planned for their eventual deaths.Maria Lopez: "We prepaid the plot and and the stone, the headstone."Maria and her son's then went to the cemetery to make the final arrangements. If Eduardo's death was a shock, the news there was a stunner. Maria Lopez: "And then she gets to the part that says 'The above name cemetery described as Garden living Christ, Level D number 666.'"Now if you are familiar with the numbers 666, you know that they mean.Maria Lopez: "To all Christians that is a sign of the devil. This the number of the beast, and even if your not Christian you know that."The thought of burying Eduardo in a plot numbered 666 outraged the entire family.Michael Lopez: "That there is no hotel number 666. There is not flight number 666. Why would there be a cemetery of all business, of all things 666?" Erick Lopez: "And when she said it I was furious. I was hurt. I was holing back tears. It was devastating to hear that."Maria says she never knew the plot they bought was numbered 666 till Eduardo died. The cemetery then offered a different numbered plot if she paid them another $5,800.Maria Lopez: "I was not going to let my husband be buried in a 666 plot. So I had no choice to pay whatever they asked me."Maria had to borrow the $5,800 to get Eduardo moved away from the 666 plot. Making a horrible day, even worse.Maria Lopez: "The pain of having to buried him, and the pain to having to spend a lot more money in a time like this, that you don't expect to spend."Well Howard, can a cemetery put a person in a plot number associated with the devil, and then charge thousands more to change to a different plot? Howard Finkelstein: "If the Lopez's had known the plot they were buying was numbered 666, clearly they would not have made the purchase. And while the law does not recognize the significance of a number like 666, it does require full disclosure. Meaning the Lopezs can argue that they should get a different plot without having to pay more for it."When the Lopez's signed the original paperwork, there was no mention of 666 on it. When they finished paying it off six years later, they were sent the title to the plot which did have 666 written on it. The Lopez's never saw that.But it all worked out. The cemetery did the right thing and gave Maria the $5,800 extra she had to pay for a different plot. Howard Finkelstein: "The courts recognize religions and religious holidays, but they don't recognize religious beliefs. That sound contradictory but it comes from the U.S Constitution's First Amendment that says, church and state must be separate. If it sounds confusing its because it is."Maria Lopez: "Yes, very happy."Maria got the $5,800 back she had paid to get a different plot. And got something else done as well.Maria Lopez: "One of the stipulation was that they change the number on that plot because I don't want another family to go through the same thing that we went through that day."Patrick Fraser: "666 has religious significance and other numbers 13 bother superstitious people. Many hotels don't list a 13th floor because it scares guests. Of course, there is a 13th floor it's the called the 14th floor. Anyway, if a certain number bothers you, get the details in the writing before you sign anything.Feel like someone has your number? Need someone to account for it? Contact us. Yes, the devil is in the details, but we will do our due diligence religiously.


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