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Garage Door Opener Won't Work

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WSVN -- There are different kinds of gifts. In some you say, thank you. It's the thought that counts in others you say thank goodness.Henry Dixon: "Especially when you kind of get something that you want and something that you really need."Henry had to open his garage door by hand till he fiance bought him a garage door opener.Henry Dixon: "I use the garage a lot. I got two antique cars in the garage and I'm always doing something to them all the time."And when his girlfriend got him the gift, she thought of everything.Henry Dixon: "Yeah, I think we pretty much got the expensive one that they had in the store at that time, and also the maintenance. We got a two year maintenance agreement on it."That would turn out to be a good thing because the opener has turned into a real downer.Henry Dixon: "They come out four times since we've had this thing and they have not been able to fix it"Not that it doesn't open the garage door, oh yeah, it opens and closes and then.Henry Dixon: "And when you let the garage door down it would just automatically come right up. Their it start to go down and you see it comes right up. Once it goes down should stay down."Sometimes it would stay closed till it decided to open at say, midnight.Henry Dixon: "Yeah, in the middle of the night the door would just open. I had a couple of the neighbors come over and say hey your garage door is open."As Henry said the company has come out to repair it four times and four times, they have failed to fix it.Henry Dixon: "Im fed up. I'm fed up."Henry then told the company you cant fix it so give up and replace it. They said no.Henry Dixon: "I'm not really asking for a refund, all I'm asking for is just give me another unit and lets move on and they are refusing to do that."Needless to say Henry is not happy when they come to repair it. He has to take time off from work and when he is not home he fears a crook is going to ride by, see a garage door just open up and the thief is going to load up.Henry Dixon: "And it can easily happen with the garage door open any time of the night. Its like a garage sale you can just come and take anything you want."Henry finally gave up, he disconnected the garage door opener and now is faced with the headache. The company cant fix it, and wont replace it, so legally Howard what can he do?Howard Finkelstein: "The law is little complicated but here is the simple part. If they cant fix it, they have to replace or give you your money back. Where it gets complicated is the law doesn't specify how many chances they get to fix the product. But any reasonable person would say, after four chances, replace it."We then contacted upper management at Sears to let them know what was going on they took care of it quickly. Sears let Henry pick out a new garage door opener from a different manufacturer. Sears installed it, and they extended his maintenance contract for another year.Henry Dixon: "I could not have done it without Help me Howard."Needless to say, Henry is happy about his new garage door opener and the way Sears quickly came in to help after we got involved.  Henry Dixon: "Hey, come down they were very apologetic about the whole situation about them coming out the four times and not being able to get this thing repaired. And not giving me a new unit also and do a complete installation the whole nine yards."Patrick Fraser: "Give them credit for giving Henry what he wanted and to add one more thing, if you are dealing with a company and cant get anywhere, go up the management chain. Even email the CEO, the owner odds are they don't know what is going on, and sometimes they will step in to keep you, the customer happy."Things in your life going up and down? Ready to close that problem? Park it with us. We will automatically get to work for you. 


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