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Whatever Happened To...? Part 2

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WSVN -- Which of these old sayings to you agree with. You reap what you sow or it doesn't pay to be nice. Dont blame Tom Lohnson for picking number two.Tom johnson: "To me it's a sad state of our society."When we first met Tom he was being sued after rushing to help a man who crashed his motorcycle on the road.Tom Johnson: "It doesn't pay to be a Good Samaritan."Tom had demanded that his insurance company refuse to settle and fight the motorcycle rider. Then our story aired. Gerald Gannon the man suing and his attorney Arvid Peterson were warned about a frivolous lawsuit, so they dropped their lawsuit against Tom.Tom Johnson: "So I think as a result of Channel 7 airing this and basically my insistence with State Farm not to pay this guy that the two combined really made an impact on this and got him to drop his lawsuit altogether."Topping not dropping was what Elie Azevedo wanted on Miami Beach.Elie Azevedo: "Some of the women were topless and I was very offended."Elie didn't like to look at topless women on Miami Beach. Then Help me Howard discovered its against the law for women to be topless on the beach. After our story aired, Elie asked several city officials to start enforcing the ban on topless women.Most ignored her but an email from the mayors assistant showed their city attorneys office agreed with Howard that topless sunbathing was against the law, but the unnamed attorney wrote: "It is my recommendation that topless sunbathing alone, near the shore, in the soft sand of Miami Beach should not lead to an arrest or even a citation."Some toppling of a tree was all Thomas Cotton wanted.Thomas Cotton: "If it falls right it will fall it will fall on my house and take down the roof."The tree was on a property in foreclosure for eight months. Thomas tried to get the bank or Wilton Manors to cut it down, but for eight months, pieces kept falling and the tree kept rotting. Then Thomas' story aired on Help me Howard.Thomas Cotton: "The response was immediate after the piece came on TV two days later a uniformed officer code enforcement was here. The action from the City of Wilton Manors was immediate."The tree was cut down now Thomas doesn't have to worry about a hurricane sending the tree into his house.Joann Sparks still has worries but not as many.JoAnn Sparks: "This is ridiculous. This is not acceptable."Joann called us after an insurance company refused to pay a $5,000 life insurance policy her late daughter left. The money was to help Joann raise her daughters three children.Patrick: "Do you need that money? "JoAnn Sparks: "You bet."Then the Help me Howard aired and a 7 News viewer stepped forward.JoAnn Sparks:  "It was amazing, it really was."The viewer, who asked me not to reveal his name, gave the three kids each a brand new computer. They had never had one.JoAnn Sparks: "Thank you so much this is what I wanted for a long time, and it will come in handy, and thank you."And the generous man gave Joann a little cash to help raise the kids.JoAnn Sparks: "We do thank them and the kids have thank them because it could not happen at a better needed time."Aletha Redwood was smiling about her daughter.Aletha Redwood: "Well my daughter graduated high school and she is on her way to collage."Alethas daughter Ebone took FCAT and says she did great, but the state of Florida's Board of Education threw out her score refusing to tell Aletha why. Howard said that's illegal but it would take a lot of time and money to fight the state.Ebone Hill: "I went to a new school."So Ebone moved to a new school, graduated and is headed to college. In part thanks to Aletha's determination.Aletha Redwood: "And I believe that you can't give up on your children. You have to stand up behind them and fight for them."Patrick Fraser: "Never give up its how we get many Help me Howard's resolved. And even after the Help me Howard's air, we still keep trying its fun to help and we get paid for it, not a bad job."Troubles branching out and toppling you? Need a bottomless supply of legal help? Test us, we cant insure you will be saved but hopefully it will pay off for you.

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