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Whatever Happened To...?

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WSVN -- When we last saw Jennifer Lilly, she had ridden her bike and scratched a neighbor's car that was blocking the sidewalk.

Jennifer then did what very few 8-year-olds would do.

Jennifer Lilly: "I went and I told the neighbors."

Her neighbor's reaction to her honesty: She sued.

Brittanny Glaid, Filed Lawsuit: "Well, I don't think it's right to say I'm suing an 8-year-old. It's not right to say. I'm not. I'm suing the father of the 8-year-old for the damages done by his 8-year-old."

But Howard said legally, you can sue an 8-year-old, but he doubts a judge would rule against the child.

Alan can't believe his neighbor is still taking this to court.

Alan Lilly, Sued Over 8-Year-Old: "I haven't heard from Brittany, I haven't heard from the court system. August 1, we will go in front of a judge and see how things go."

Ronnie Jimeson was steaming when you last saw him. In anger.

Ronnie Jimeson, Trailer Stolen: "He's swearing up and down that he didn't have it."

Ronnie's trailer was stolen. But the thief ran through a toll plaza. Ronnie got the ticket and tracked him down, but he denied taking the trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson, Trailer Stolen: "I don't care if you put him in jail or not, but I want my trailer. I paid money for it."

After our story aired, Miami Gardens Police arrested the suspect. When he got out of jail, he called Ronnie, still denying he took Ronnie's trailer. But...

Ronnie Jimeson, Trailer Stolen: "But he's a nice enough guy and he gave me this beauty here. I'm very happy with the trailer."

The suspect gave Ronnie a new trailer, but he still faces the charges for stealing the other trailer.

Speaking of the law, Dean Winton never expected to see them.

Dean Winton, Illegal Ticket: "I see flashing blue lights, two police cars with their sirens on, pulling me over."

Dean was tickted for flashing his lights at oncoming motorists to warn them that police had a speed trap ahead of them.

That day, Howard said the police can't do that, and surprisingly, some politicians now agree with him.

Howard Finkelstein, 7News Legal Expert: "I thought the ticket was illegal when it was issued. Now, the legislature has made it official: You can flash your lights at another vehicle to warn them that the police have set up a speed trap ahead."

The language is now clear. But Petros' language problem nearly cost him his business.

Petros Himargios, Language Trouble: "And I said, 'I'm going to work.'"

Petros started working when he was 14 and never finished school. To keep his Broward roof-washing business, he had to pass a test. But without his education, it was impossible.

Then our story aired.

Petros Himargios, Language Trouble: "I don't think I would have made it without you guys."

The Broward General Contractors Board showed they had a heart and could be flexible. Petros got his license to continue power-washing roofs.

Petros Himargios, Language Trouble: "They saw me on TV. I got a lot of business because of you guys, thanks to Channel 7."

People thank us. We don't need it, but we appreciate it.

And then, there was this" Alicia Balmelli, whose surveillance cameras caught this young lady keying her car.

Alicia Balmelli, Car Keyed: "They charged her with a felony because the damages were over $3,000."

To avoid jail, Alicia agreed to allow the woman to pay restitution. But she ignored the court order till we got involved.

Alicia Balmelli, Car Keyed: "I am happy. I got my first two checks."

And each month since our story aired, Alicia has been paid restitution on time. Then, Alicia did something I never expected.

Man: "Eating his own face."

Patrick Fraser: "That doesn't sound right."

She sent us a platter of cookies and brownies with a picture of me on them. The cookies were great Alicia.

Patrick Fraser: "Amazing."

But face on the cookie? I don't know.

Patrick Fraser: "Yum. I am talking about the cookies and brownies, not my face. In fact, put my face on a cookie. Might be a new diet, to kill your appetite. And just to let you know, after the stories air, we don't go away. We get a lot of Help Me Howards solved after the story airs. We never give up."

A platter of problems plopped in your lap? Don't say 'That's the way the cookie crumbles.' Contact us, and let us come up with a tasty solution.


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