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Stolen Trailer

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WSVN -- I first met Ronnie Jimeson in 1993 when his horse disappeared. One of 20 stolen by a ring of horse thieves.

Ronnie Jimeson: "You know what they did to horse thieves in the old west? They'd hang them, hang them."

Police never found Ronnies horse. He moved on with his life the ups and downs.

Today battling cancer and still dealing with thieves.

Ronnie Jimeson: "I guess people like what I have, my items I guess."

Last August, a so called friend called Ronnie.

Ronnie Jimeson: "I call him Jamming Joe because he has a disco tech company."

Ronnie says Joe wanted to borrow his trailer that he used to haul stuff around. Ronnie said sure.

Ronnie Jimeson: "And I put it out here in the front lawn and it disappeared."

Ronnie assumed Joe had come and gotten it. A few days later Ronnie says he called him to ask for his trailer back.

Ronnie Jimeson: "And he started swearing up and down that he did not take the trailer."

Ronnie says he called police. They couldn't prove who took it so nothing happened. Then a few weeks later Ronnie got a Sunpass violation in the mail.

Ronnie Jimeson: "Wow its Jamming Joe's truck pulling my trailer and I was happy as a lark. I was happy I got that ticket."

Ronnie says the violation picture showed his trailer pulled by a truck. So he went to the Joes house. The same truck was in the front yard with the tag beginning in 653, matching the tag in the violation picture..

Ronnie Jimeson: "I said 'Now here's a picture of his truck pulling my trailer through a Sunpass without paying. How stupid can you be?"

The response from the man who borrowed the trailer...

Ronnie Jimeson: "He's swearing up and down that he didn't have it."

Ronnie then called Miami Gardens Police to let them know he could prove who took his trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson: "The auto theft department I call her a couple times. No call back so I just give up on it."

Every once in a while Eonnie would ride by the mans house to look for his trailer. The truck from the Sunpass picture was in the yard but not Ronnies trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson: "I spoke to his mother and his mother offered to pay for the ticket, and I'm thinking why would you pay Joe is responsible."

Ronnie doesn't care about the ticket. He doesn't care if the thief is charged. He just wants his $2,000 trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson: "I know Jamming Joe got my trailer. I don't care if you put him in jail or not but I want my trailer. I paid money for it."

Well Howard, you are a criminal lawyer is this picture enough proof to prove who took ronnies trailer.

Howard Finkelstein: "The picture by itself is not enough to convict the suspect But that picture of the trailer, with the truck pulling it along with Ronnies testimony that he loaned Joe the trailer gives police enough evidence to arrest Joe and with all of that evidence together, it may be enough to convict him."

We then contacted Miami Gardens Police once again they investigated and said Jammin Joe was Joseph Nelson. This is his mugshot from an arrest for driving with a suspended license. They then went to talk to him about the trailer. They told us he ran out the back door and took off. There are now warrants out for his arrest for: Resisting arrest, providing false information and grand theft for allegedly stealing Ronnies trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson: "I want my trailer back."

As of right now, the police have not found the suspect and more importantly for Ronnie, his trailer is out there somewhere.

Ronnie Jimeson: "Anybody that sees my trailer or anybody that knows about Joe taking my trailer give Channel 7 a call and help me locate it, and I'm not a rich guy but I be willing to give a little something for it though."

Patrick Fraser: "Ronnie wants you to call Help Me Howard if you know where that double axle trailer with a fifth wheel in front is or call Miami Gardens Police. And its interesting how toll plaza and red light cameras are helping solve criminal cases.

In fact, with surveillance cameras being put everywhere, criminals might want to realize, odds are they are being videotaped when they commit a crime. Oh wait, criminals dont think forget it.

Trucking around? So many troubles you need a trailer for them? Hitch your hopes to Help me Howard.


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