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Girl Scout

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WSVN -- In so many cases it is true, like mother like daughter.

Delora Ford: "Yeah, I am very goal oriented and I think girl scouts has a lot to do with it."

Delora loved being in the Girl Scouts not surprisingly, so do her girls, and they all appreciate what the Scouts teach them.

Delora Ford: "And that is basically the leaderships skills and how to strive for something to reach goals."

Amy Ford: "I'm Amy."

Rachel Ford: "I'm Rachel."

Amy and Rachel have been in the Girl Scouts since they were young. Enjoying it all, including the annual everybody loves to eat them Girl Scout cookie sale.

Delora Ford: "Everyone looks forward to it. Their excited it I think the customers get more excited than the girls."

The cookies are on sale for a month and this year Amy had a goal.

Amy Ford: "And my mom Rachel only wanted to do it for three weeks, but like I said I wanted to stick to my goal. I wanted to sell 2,000 boxes, so I asked if I can do it for the 4th week and my mom said yes."

The girl who sells 2,000 boxes of cookies gets an ipad. If you sell 1,000 you get a Nikon camera.

Rachel Ford: "What we did was sell 1,050 and so I gave her 500 of mine and I just kept the."

Rachel's generous gesture, giving her sister credit for her 500 boxes enabled Amy to be invited to an awards ceremony.

Delora Ford: "So this is like our first time."

Delora was so proud of her daughter she let the Girl Scout council know how they had used teamwork to achieve the award. The councils response..

Delora Ford: "They took away the invitation for Amy to be recognize as an extreme team member. They took away all the prizes."

In the Girl Scout councils eyes, Rachel sold 500 boxes, Amy sold 500 and one sister could not give her sales to the other.

Amy Ford: "I just feel like really depressed. I worked so hard to reach the goal we both did. I think they were heart broken."

The girls are disappointed they wont be able to share a camera. Delora is irritated especially after reading the paperwork for the cookie sale where it never says they cannot work together.

Delora Ford: "And they said nothing about having individual sales so I don't think its fair."

Well Howard, here is all the paperwork scouts are given before the cookie sale. Does it block two sisters from combining their sales, so one can be an award winner?

Howard Finkelstein: "Yes, the Girl Scouts can block the sisters from combining their sales. The paperwork does not say that but it implies it and the organization has the right to set their rules for awarding their prizes. However, if I were them, I would write clearly that you cannot combine individual sales."

When we contacted the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, a representative told us that they dont think its fair to other scouts for the sisters to be allowed to combine their sales.

The representative told us there is no written rule against combining sales but they have always intended it to be individual sales. Finally, Amy wont get the camera for selling a 1,000 boxes, but the sisters will get a blanket and alarm clock for selling 500 boxes each.

Delora Ford: "You know the director wanted me to explain to the girls how they were wrong."

The scouts are convinced the girls were wrong to combine sales. Their mother is equally convinced her girls were right and the Girl Scouts are wrong.

Delora Ford: "It just goes against what were suppose to teach the girls, we suppose to teach them to be courageous and achieve a goal and this goes totally against it."

Patrick Fraser: "Now, the girls thought they were doing the right thing in combining sales but the position of the Girl Scouts makes sense because three or four sisters or friends could almost guarantee they would win the individual prize, while a girl who works alone would stand no chance against them. Of course, if they give a prize for eating the cookies, I might win even competing against a team."

A sweet solution out of your reach? Need someone to scout out a solution? Contact us, we'll try to help and wont be satisfied with simply saying thats the way the cookie crumbles.


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