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Buying Coupon

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WSVN -- You can get coupons in the mail, in the paper, on the internet, on your phone or if you are a sharp shopper like Leisa Duncker at all of those places.

Leisa Duncker: "When I first started it was just so exciting."

Leisa's doesnt clip many coupons, her specialty is buying coupons.

Leisa Duncker: "I don't have to pay the full price it's great. I love it."

Leisa has bought so many she needs a folder to keep them organized.

Leisa Duncker: "I would say hundreds. I average about five to ten a month I would say, so that's a lot."

Buying coupons from websites like Living Social, Groupon or Gottahalfit places where you can get a $100 dinner for two for $50 yoga classes for $49 pizza for half price or this bowling coupon valued at $50.

Leisa Duncker: "It said Bowling voucher for me to be able to go with some friends up to six people with the shoe rental and a pitcher of soda for two hours, and I purchased it for $19.00."

Great deal would have been a lot of fun, except Leisa put it in her folder and forgot about it.

Leisa Duncker: "The deadline in November 12 crept upon me and I really didn't get a chance to use it and I was thinking maybe at least I wouldn't get my money back, but I would get credit."

Leisa contacted the bowling alley, they said it was out of their hands and she had to contact the website that she bought it from.

Leisa Duncker: "When I contacted Gottahalfit they did not responded."

Now Leisa admits she is the one who let the coupon expire. But she says she is not asking for the $50 the coupon was worth, just the $19 she paid for it.

Leisa Duncker: "If I don't get my actual money back let me get the services that I paid for. Let me go to the bowling alley and get $19 worth of service, use it for bowing for $19."

Well Howard, a coupon expires does that mean the customer that bought it, has thrown their money away.

Howard Finkelstein: "No they have not. While the promotional value in other words the $50 worth of bowling has expired, thanks to a recent Florida law, when you buy a coupon the customer has a right to the amount they paid for it and that amount in this case the $19 never expires."

After contacting us it turned out to be a pretty good deal for Leisa

When we got in touch with, they blamed the bowling alley for not honoring the $19 Leisa spent on the coupon. They then gave Leisa a $19 credit towards her next purchase on Gottahalfit.

We then talked to Diamond Strikes Lane, the new manager blamed the old manager, who he said had been fired. They then gave Leisa a VIP coupon for two hours of bowling or a gift card for $19 to use at the bowling alley.

Leisa Duncker: "Good news."

Leisa is happy and she says that expiring coupon has made a sharp shopper a more savvy shopper.

Leisa Duncker: "I have learned now not to buy as many to buy really what I need and what I will use, and what I know I will use and definitely use it before the deadline."

Patrick Fraser: "Now if you look at a coupon you buy from a big company like Groupon, it says the promotional value expires on a given date. That is legal, but the amount you paid never expires. Gottahaveit didn't have that wording on their coupon, which probably confused the bowling alley. Fortunately, Leisa had the law on her side and was sharp enough to call us to straighten it out."

Paid full price? Got nothing and your patience expiring? Clip these numbers and contact us, hopefully we can save you some headaches and some money.


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