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WSVN -- Serafin Debesa calls himself a dimensional artist, which means...

Serafin Debesa, Facebook Page Hacked: "Art meets computer and then there is one more thing its the most important thing- dimensional art you have to listen to it, because it has music."

Serafin says he has created over 2, 600 colorful pieces like this and has put 600 of them on his Facebook page.

Serafin Debesa: "And if you go to my Facebook page you will always see I always thank Facebook for their technology."

But one morning Serafin got a call from a friend about his page.

Serafin Debesa: "He says, 'You deleted me as a friend.' No I haven't been on my Facebook. He says, 'Yes you deleted me and theirs a Barney the dinosaur. Did you put Barney on your Facebook?' I said no."

Serafin tried to sign onto to Facebook and couldn't. Then he found his page, with all his art, under the name of Kate Bowen.

Serafin Debesa: "I don't know who Kate Bowen is. I don't have a clue."

Someone had hacked into his email account. Then somehow got his Facebook password, logged into his page, changed all his private information, made him a female and changed his name to Kate Bowen. So Serafin contacted Facebook.

Serafin Debesa: "Please go to your help center on your Facebook and just follow the instruction. I went, I followed and I didn't get anywhere."

When his page was hijacked, Serafin says he had 5,000 friends. But the so called Kate Bowen was taking care of that too.

Serafin Debesa: "I think she has canceled about 1, 000 of them at this point and it's just something that is unpleasant because I have tried to contact Facebook."

And Serafin says they didn't just take his Facebook page, they are taking his art.

Serafin Debesa: "They stolen my property, period. They can take my files and they can make ties, hats, t-shirts, they can make shoes, they can make all sorts of things with my art and guess what? That's stealing, period."

Serafin has no idea who would know his password, no idea why someone would be so angry at him and he says no idea why Facebook can't do something about it.

Serafin Debesa: "I'm upset with Facebook, I'm disappointed with Facebook. I don't think there is a need or a necessity for this to be happening. I think they should be held accountable someway."

Well Howard, Facebook is really popular, but are they really responsible when someone steals your page or is it really your Facebook page?

Howard Finkelstein: "The page belongs to the person using it but Facebook can edit and control it. However, if anybody else hijacks it or even gains access without permission, it's a crime and you can go to prison."

We sent Facebook nine emails, left three voice mails and no-one at Facebook ever responded to us. Now we know how Serafin feels. But Howard says there are steps Serafin can take.

Howard Finkelstein: "If your page is stolen, you can report it to police. You can also sue Facebook to remedy the problem but remember the laws are still trying to adapt to the world of social networking, so it may take some time for the courts to sort it out."

Serafin is not going to give up and is simply hoping the thief who took his page gives it up, because they might wind up in jail.

Serafin Debesa: "Facebook listen, they took my Facebook. I don't have it, it doesn't belong to me. I'm Serafin the Dimensional Artist, Kate Bowen unknown to me has taken over and I want it back because it does not belong to her."

Patrick Fraser: "Just last week a Florida man was indicted for hacking into a woman's email account. He is accused of tapping into dozens of email accounts and is now facing 100 years in prison. Whoever hacked into Serafin's email account and Facebook page better watch out. They may be getting free room and board courtesy of Uncle Sam for their criminal stunt.

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