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WSVN -- If you are young or young at heart you probaby watch Glee. Millions of people tune in for the Fox show. It's so popular many celebrities wanna be on the show.

Teresa Musumeci: "I like it because it's a happy show and everytime you finish watching it you're always in a good mood."

Teresa Musumeci enjoys Glee so much she convinced her mother to take her to New York to meet the stars of the show in person.

Teresa Musumeci: "To go see the Glee concert at Radio City Hall."

While she was there Teresa asked this security guard to give a letter she had written to one of the performers, Cory Mantieth and he did. Then Cory and the cast came out to meet the audience.

Teresa Musumeci: "When I met him he said that he had gotten the letter and that he loved it and he had read it."

In the letter to Cory, Teresa said she was writing her own show to put on the internet.

Teresa Musumeci: "More like a Youtube show called "Fondue for Two."

Teresa was proud that Cory liked her "Fondue for Two" idea. Now move foward a few months as Teresa and her mother sit down to watch Glee Turessa was stunned to see the Glee character Brittany doing a talk show called "Fondue for Two" just like Teresa wrote about.

A co-incidence no. Heather Morris who plays Brittany admits the idea came from a letter.

Teresa Musumeci: "So she's doing this talk show and it's was all from this idea from this girl that sent this letter into Cory Monteith."

Teresa Musumeci: "I wasn't upset I was more happy."

Teresa was excited that her show took her idea and used it for a script. But her friend Camila emailed us asking for something to be done for Teresa.

Teresa Musumeci: "I would love a little recognition but I don't want to get them in trouble. I love the show and I don't want to do anything to hurt it."

Well Howard, If a show uses your idea in a letter, do they have to thank you or do they owe you even more?

Howard Finkelstein: "To be protectible by Copyright an idea has to be unique and filled with lots of details to become what the law calls an original work of authorship. The majority of ideas are like Teresas that she gave them in a letter and asked nothing in return. Therefore, legally she is owed nothing in return."

Teresa is owed nothing but she is lucky. The people at Fox which airs Glee sent her a special gift which we delivered.

We took it over and didn't tell her what it would be.

Teresa Musumeci: "Oh wow this is just for me. I get to keep them."

The cast of the show had autographed a picture and a script of from the show for Teresa.

Teresa Musumeci: "This is a script. This is so cool. Wow this is so cool. I need to frame this or something."

Needless to say, Teresa is happy to have a piece of the show she loves so much.

Teresa Musumeci: "I am very happy this is really cool. No one else has this one of a kind."

Patrick Fraser: "Now if you write a TV show, a play, a movie and want to be paid if its used, you need to Copyright it. The U.S. Copyright office is there. Fill out the form and submit it with a $35 payment. All when you submit your script to the show make sure you tell them its Copyrighted and you expect to get paid if they use it. "

Afraid the handwriting is on the wall for you? Wanna script a new ending? Contact us, we will Glee fully try to help you out.


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