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Barking Dog

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WSVN -- Like many of us, Susan Cherkiss is a true animal lover.

Susan Cherkiss: "Well I've lived with dogs all my life and my son has two dogs, and we have just always had pets. Dogs."

So, guess what is giving this animal lover headaches?

Susan Cherkiss: "Well my neighbor has this little yapy dog Chihuahua, that when he leaves the house the dog will constantly bark."

Her neighbors in the townhouse next door have a chihuahua that Susan calls the yapper.

Susan Cherkiss: "The other day he barked for over an hour. He took a rest for maybe 20 minutes and then he started again and this went on for two hours until he came back to the house."

Susan says he barks the entire time his owners are gone or if she goes outside to sit he barks.

Susan Cherkiss: "Well, I hear him. I can''t sit outside with my dog or sit and read because the dog is yapping constantly. It's annoying. It's more than annoying, it gets on your nerves after a while."

Susan says he barks when she is reading. He barks when she is sleeping. He barks so much Susan worries about the dog.

Susan Cherkiss: "If your screaming all day long you're going to lose your voice, well the dog is barking all day long, he's going to lose his voice."

When Susan called us, I told her to record the barking, 30 minutes later she called back with the tape. Susan complained to the dogs owners, they weren't impressed.

Susan Cherkiss: "I don't think they're being very cooperative. I don't think they care and I think they're being very inconsiderate."

She called animal control.

Susan Cherkiss: "Animal control told me that because the dog is inside and it's not outside and being abused that it's not their problem."

She called the police, her neighbors landlord, her condo association. She has a long list of people she has called. No one does anything, 'cause no one has to listen to this morning, noon and night.

Susan Cherkiss: "My stomach been upset because of it. I wake up in the middle of the night and in my head the dog is barking, it's a constant, constant thing."

Well Howard, it's not the dogs fault, but can Susan legally persuade the Chihuahua's owner to tone him down.

Howard Finkelstein: "Susan has remedies, call the police. Most cities and counties have laws that prohibit continuos barking. The owner can be fined or even jailed. Many condo and homeowners have the power to fine the dog owner or you can sue the dog owner in small claims court and a judge can order them to find a way to quiet the dog, immediately."

We went next door, the owners did send their Chihuahua out. They told us they wanted us to see how little and beautiful he is and to prove their animal is not obnoxious. They did not want to talk to us on camera.

Dog Owner: "No, no we don't want any of this."

They were so irritated that Susan had called Help Me Howard that they called on the police, and while there are several ways for a neighbor to quiet a barking dog, it really shouldn't have to.

Howard Finkelstein: "I have lived next to a barking dog. It can ruin the quality of your life. Be sensitive to your neighbors and realize not everybody loves your dog as much as you do."

That's all Susan wants, a little peace and quiet.

Susan Cherkiss: "And I can go out in my yard or in the front of the house and not hear the yapping. It's limiting me to what I can do in my own home."

If you go online you can find a hundred and one ways to stop your neighbors barking dog, but a few hurt the dog. The safest, easiest way, training, but that requires your neighbor to cooperate. You can teach a dog to stop that irritating barking, but can you convince your neighbor to teach them? That is the problem.

Ruff problems got you howling? Wanna shed them? Contact us and let us retrieve a solution for you.

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