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WSVN -- When you walk into the Nasserzare family home your first thought, somebody has good taste.

Mina Nasserzare: "I think it's me, all of us."

The house looks nice, but it's also home to their headaches.

Mina Nasserzare: "The termites they all actually started off in here."

In September, a termite company concluded they had Drywood Termites. The Nasserzares paid $900 and the house was tented. Then four months later they noticed termites in the closet again, so they called the company again.

Mina Nasserzare: "You have Sub-Terranean Termites now, a new kind."

The pest control company drilled some holes and put in some chemicals to kill the second kind of termites, for free.

Mina Nasserzare: "And he said by doing that the problem will be solved and we will never have the problem again."

But three months later more termites.

Mina Nasserzare: "The same problem the third time, the same place again. It all starts at the closet again. The droppings had happened again."

This time a third different inspector wrote that they were Formossan Termites, also a Subterranean Termite that he said went from the ground up into the attic. The third different infestation in just six months.

Mina Nasserzare: "To me honest that's impossible. I am not a termite expert, but common sense tells me that is not possible."

The termite company said it was possible, that their Drywood Termite contract didn't cover Formosan Termites, so the family would have to pay $1,390 to get rid of this third infestation.

Mina Nasserzare: "Honestly I just want them to come and take care of the problem completely, and actually find out what kind of termite it is take care of it without me having to pay for it again."

Well Howard, either the Nasserzares are the unluckiest family in the world when it comes to termite infestations or someone missed something. So, do they have to pay for another extermination.

Howard Finkelstein: "If the returning termites are the same kind, Drywood Termites, then they have to treat again for free. If they are a different kind not included in the contract they have to pay for the new treatment. Now, if there is a dispute, in other words, whether they treated for the wrong type of termites the first time, then you hire an expert to settle it or file a complaint with the State."

When I spoke to Guarantee Floridian they told me that the second and third wave of termites were both subterranean that came out of the ground after the Drywood Termites were destroyed. They told me they would have treated the house for free if it were Drywood Termites, but this was a different kind of termite that was not covered under their guarantee.

We then told Mina to contact the State Agriculture Department to see what they thought.

The termite company then told me, they have a great reputation, that they didn't want to deal with this anymore and to make the customer happy they waived the $1,390 fee and treated the house for Formossa Termites for free.

Making Mina glad she called Help Me Howard.

Mina Nasserzare: "Yes definiteley, definitely or the problem would not have been taken care of at all."

The company came in and treated the house for Formosan Termites and told the Nassezares that should eliminate their problem, not surprisingly Mina wants to wait a few months to be sure.

Mina Nasserzare: "Well we are still waiting for the results, supposedly they said it's going to work, so once we see the results we will know if we are satisfied or not."

After three treatments, if the termites are still around, odds are they are super termites. Now, if you have a problem with a termite treatment contact the state.

And remember the vast majority of termite treatments go very well, seldom do you see different kinds hit the same house within six months. Mina was just unlucky.

Problems bugging you? Need someone to burrow in and chew em up? Contact us. We will try to cover you with answers. Non-toxic of course.

To file a complaint, call the Bureau of Entomology & Pest Control at 850-617-7997.

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