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Robbed and Fired

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WSVN -- Many people including me, think life is all about attitude. In other words, if you think good things are going to happen to you. They often do Anna believes that.

Anna Schulman: "Good things normally happen to me. I dont know it's luck or dedication."

Anna has a great attitude and a busy life. Going to college full time and working 30 hours a week.

Anna Schulman: "You have to put yourself thru school and pay for apartment, car, car insurance. Being an adult is having lots of bills."

This is Anna at the Gamestop in Deerfield. A job she enjoyed.

Anna Schulman: "I had gotten promoted things were going good and then the robbery happened."

Oh yeah, the robbery was on a Friday night at closing time. This customer walked up to her.

Anna Schulman: "And I am robbing you. At first I thought he was kidding. I dont know why like when someone says that you are like are you serious.

As you can see Anna gave the robber the money. She stayed calm and looking back, is even thankful.

Anna Schulman: "he said like I am sorry to do this this is how they do me. He wasnt like mean it could have been a lot worse. No-one got shot. No one had a gun in their face. No one got slapped. I am very thankful that it wasnt a lot worse. The things you see on TV where people jump over the register and pistol whip them. Violence isnt for me.

The robber went out the door and disappeared. Two weeks passed and then...

Anna Schulman: "My district manager came in around and he said 'Hey I need to talk to you.' He came in the back room and hey we have to terminate your employment because of the robbery."

The district manager told Anna that she had pulled the shutters down on the windows at 9 p.m. Anna says thats what you are supposed to do at closing time even if customers are still in the store, but the boss said 'No' Anna's reply. 'I was never told that during trainging.'

Anna Schulman: "You do training over the phone automated thing where you have to answer questions, but there is not like a book that they give you or anything. Nothing about shutters at 9 not that was never addressed to me.

Anna was insulted she had never been fired and says this was not fair.

Anna Schulman: "To me it was a slap in the face. You promote me after 6 months I am still getting used to it and then you fire me cause we got robbed."

Well Howard, legally can a business fire you after you get robbed at gunpoint for not following a policy? Anna says they never even told her about.

Howard Finkelstein: "Yes. In Florida, if you do not have an employment contract, you can be fired for almost any reason except discrimination meaning your race, your religion or country of origin."

When I talked to the district manager to ask about Game Stop policy that Anna violated. He told me that its confidential information. That human resources would contact me. They did not, but a spokesman sent this email that said: I've looked into this, and we do not comment on personnel issues.

Howard says when it comes to any job its shaky.

Howard Finkelstein: "In the state of Florida, workers really dont have any rights at all. Your boss can fire you because he doesnt like your attitude, your haircut or the fact that he is jealous of you. So if you get fired and dont think its fair, its not but it's legal."

With her great attitude Anna is moving on. In fact, she was not unemployed long.

Anna Schulman: "I got a job already. I went out and yesterday I got a job. Yeah I got a better paying job, better hours, definitely better hours safer its a lot safer."

Patrick Fraser: "Attitude is really so important I always ask people how they are doing with some people I know I am tempted to say 'So what's wrong today' because they always have a problem.

The exact opposite of people who have a great attitude and expect good things to happen."

Feel like you were robbed of your hard earned money? Ready to fire off a response. Contact us, let us put it under surveillance and let you enjoy your fun and games.

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