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WSVN -- There are two Jackie Browns, one lived a lifestyle many people would love.

Jackie Brown: "We were insane because the money kept coming in and we were like children, immature children. I'ts an obsession. Am I proud of it? No."

Her husband was wealthy then they divorced. Her lifestyle changed and Jackie is no longer rich.

Jackie Brown: "I am different. God showed me a different ways."

But the trappings from her luxorious life still fills her condo.

Jackie Brown: "We are looking at a bag by Fendi it's a one of a kind bag. Swarofski crystals supposed to be unique a $1,440 $7,000."

Since Jackie doesnt need $5,000 jackets or $10,000 purses anymore, she decided to take them to a high end consignment shop to sell.

Jackie Brown: "Things I wasnt going to wear I wasnt going to wear evening clothes. I wasnt going to wear evening handbags it's not my lifestyle anymore."

She took in 17 items. The stores owner set the sales price for each item. For example, that $7,000 Fendi went for $3,800.

Jackie Brown: "I took Gucci. I took Judith Leiber. I took Chanel. I took St. John knits."

Before she left, Jackie signed this agreement that included this sentence..

Jackie Brown: "All items are accepted at the risk of the consignor."

A few weeks passed, onthing sold. A few more weeks, still nothing. So Jackie went to pick up the 17 items up and got some bad news.

Jackie Brown: "There are still three pieces that are at large means they are missing."

The consignment shop told her they could not find the items and would not pay her to replace them not what she wanted to hear.

Jackie Brown: "I want my articles returned or I would like the value in money."


Well Howard, you give them to a consignment shop to be sold, you sign a form that says all items are accepted at the sole risk of the consignor. So if some items turn up missing are you out of luck?

Howard Finkelstein: "In this case No. The law does allow you to sign away your rights away, but the language has to be specific and the language in this contract is not clear enough and specific enough, and if the consignment store cant find it, they have to pay for it."

I then spoke to the owner of C-Madelines one of the most recognizalbe consignment stores around. He told me they had a 10,000 square foot store that its not easy to find some things. For example, he said do you know how many black evening dresses we have. That things will show up eventually.

In fact, a couple of days later he told me they found Jackies black Celine handbag when a customer came in and bought it. He sent Jackie a check for $1,000 dollars. Then a $450 scarf was found. The only thing missing, a purple goat skin hat and that Jackie was welcome to come in and look for it herself.

Howard Finkelstein: "The store does not have to pay for the missing hat yet. since a couple of items have turned up, the law will allow the consignment shop a reasonable amount of time to find them. What is reasonable? It varies but it could be months."

Jackie is now settling into her less austentacious life in an apartment filled with bright art, showing she has an eye for art.

Jackie Brown: "Yes, but good art I cant afford this is colorful art."

@Patrick Fraser: "Whoever said money cant buy you love can add another line. It cant make you happy. Either Jackie found at out and by the way she did go to the consignment store to look for the missing hat, but in 10,000 square feet of clothes she couldnt find it either. Hopefully it will show up.

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