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WSVN -- From his head to his toes.

John Edwards: "I got a bracelet, a few rings."

From his TV to his tires.

John Edwards: "I am all about style. I like to ride clean."

And you will know John Edwards is out riding long before you see him.

John Edwards: "That's the music. You pretty much want to see the car shake."

Johns car shakes and his teeth/grillz shine.

John Edwards: "The grillz that I had on the bottom was 22 carat. I paid about $2,000."

John's wears grillz, the gold ones on the top are permanent. The ones on the bottom are removable so to avoid bending or tarnishing them John takes them out when he eats. Like the other night in a restaurant.

John Edwards: "And placed it on the table, and when the waiter came by to remove the plates off the table he also took the grillz with him."

John had wrapped the grillz in a napkin next to his plate. When he told the waiter what had happened a manager came out to help them look thru the garbage.

John Edwards: "Put on some gloves and me and him went back there and looked. Nothing came up."

The $2,000 grillz were gone, but the restaurant manager seemed to want to help.

John Edwards: "He told me I'm going to take your information down and we're going to contact our insurance company, and then we will be in contact with you."

John did hear from the restaurant and their insurance company but their concern like his grillz has disappeared.

John Edwards: "Since then I've been getting the runaround."

John says he has contacted the restaurant and their corporate office over and over but nothing.

John Edwards: "I would like to see them replace or compensate. At least do something about it. Not just brush me off like it's nothing or nothing every happened. This doesn't exist."

John feels empty without his grillz and since his wallet is empty, he cant afford to have a dentist mold a new set.

John Edwards: "I don't have $2,000 to replace the grill not at this time."

Well Howard, you wrap your cellphone, your car keys, your glasses or even you grillz in a napkin, put them on the table and a waiter tosses them in the garbage. Who is responsible for replacing them?

Howard Finkelstein: "In one of the rare instances, the law actually uses common sense to answer the question. If the grillz or any other object are wrapped in a napkin and might appear to be food, if the waiter throws it away the restaurant would not be responsible, but if the objects are in plain view they the restaurant is negligent and has to to replace the item."

We then contacted the restaurant chain's corporate headquarters and their insurance company. The restaurant said their waiter never saw the grillz wrapped in a napkin. Their insurance company then followed the law Howard laid out that basically said, since they were wrapped in a napkin, the restaurant wasnt responsible. Since they arent, they told us they were not re-imbursing John.

John Edwards: "I work hard."

John will have to work real hard to replace the grillz and will save in one area he wont be eating out a lot.

John Edwards: "I thought it would be a lovely experience the best experience, but it wasn't it was one of the worst experiences I ever had at a restaurant."

Patrick Fraser: "Now Howard said if the glasses or grills are in plain view and the waiter throws them away, then the restaurant is responsible. Meaning they have to pay whatever that item was worth at the time. For example, if your cellphone is two years old, they dont have to pay for a new phone just whatever a two year old phone sells for."

Facing a problem you consider pure garbage? Wanna see it dumped out of your life? Let us grill em.' We will try to take a bite out of em' figuratively of course.


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