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Dangerous Dogs

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WSVN -- Manny and Susan clearly like their animals.

Manny Campbell: "This one is Simba."

And as you can tell the animals clearly appreciate them.

Susan Campbell: "I have bottle fed and raised several cats. Find homes for them."

But this story is not just about their animals its about a neighbors animals.

Manny Medina: "I looked out the window, this window here and then I saw they had corned my cat under the car next door."

Manny had jumped out of bed after hearing his dog barking at the front window. This is what he saw...

Manny Medina: "He grabbed it and the other dog grabbed it and they both just squeezed, and you saw my cat go limp and the dropped it right here on the street."

Manny grabbed a camera by the front window and took these pictures.

Manny Medina: "This is our cat scream. This is one dog that killed it and this is the other dog by the tree."

A few days later, another one of Manny's cats was ripped apart and killed then another cat was found dead.

Manny Medina: "That day there were four or five. Another day he found another four or five It's like they run out and kill four or five cats and then go home. He figured there were well over 20."

This kitten escaped, but a woman watched the dogs kill its mother and Carl Szima says other kittens didn't get away from the two dogs.

Carl Szima: "We've seen a couple of other kitties. My wife found one in the middle of the rain and middle of the road."

Who owns the two dogs? These South Sade neighbors say have killed at least 20 cats. This fellow Alan Rizzo.

Alan says the two dogs in the pictures manny took are his.

Alan Rizzo: "That's Rocky that's Gingerette."

Alan denies they killed 20 cats and says it only happened one time.

Alan Rizzo: "What happened is they got under the fence, and they killed one cat."

Neighbors complained about the two dogs to Miami-Dade animal services. Manny says it was a waste of time.

Alan Rizzo: "They said they couldn't do anything about it. The most they could do is fine them for being loose."

In early July, Alan was fined for not having current rabies tags on his dogs, but the animals have not been declared dangerous.

Sean Gallagher: "It can take anywhere from three weeks to a couple of months. A lot of times it's a drawn out process. While the dog is under investigation though, the dog must be confined and remain on the owners property."

The county says they have opened an investigation. By law they have to notify the owner and Alan says they have not.

Patrick Fraser: "The dogs sitting at Alan's house terrify the neighbors so much some wont come outside without a baseball bat worried about themselves, their animals and more importantly their children.

Susan Campbell: "What if it's a child. Then What? What is animal services going to do then."

Alan says they shouldn't worry his dogs are nice unless...

Alan Rizzo: "Unless you come into my house, and you don't know me unless you come in with me, or he comes in with me, God forbid you come into my house. They'll bite you they'll bite you."

Alan thinks his dogs are great the neighbors look at these pictures of bloody dead cats and see two Dangerous Dogs.


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