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Murder Mystery

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WSVN -- Ana Grullon grieves, as only a mother can, for the loss of her son Victor.Ana Grullon: "He was my only child, my best friend, my life."He was 26 years old when he died; just three weeks after he realized his dream of opening a barbershop of his own.Ana Grullon: "Very proud. He called everybody and he used to say come and see my place. Come and see my place. And he was a great son. He used to help me in everything."The night he was shot, Victor was at a shopping center near Miami Lakes, and his family believes these are his blood stains on the sidewalk.  Five months later his mother has so many unanswered questions she's hired an attorney to investigate.Paul Adams. Grullon's family attorney: "To date we have not received any formal reports from the police department or any municipality agency. So we're looking for a lot of answers."Carmel Cafiero: "Do you find that to be unusual?"Paul Adams: "Um, it seems a little longer than normal in situations particularly when someone passes from a gunshot."Adams says part of the reason the family is so concerned is because there is an indication that a person involved in the shooting may be in law enforcement.Paul Adams: "Some of the information back from the police department although not a report has indicated that the individual that was involved in the shooting was a off-duty corrections officer."Ana admits Victor had brushes with the law in the past but says he had been working hard to turn his life around. Victor died at the hospital, with barely any time for his mother to say goodbye.Ana Grullon: "When he heard my voice, he moved. He tried to talk. He went like, 'Ma, ma.' Like that and then that was it. That was the only thing- the last thing I head from him."Ana's doing more than talking with 7News and hiring an attorney. She's contacted federal, state and local officials and has even sent an e-mail to the governor that reads in part: "I firmly believe that there is a cover-up in my son's case. I want to get to the bottom of this and bring my son's killer to justice."Carmel Cafiero: "But the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office says there's no cover up. That the Miami-Dade Police Department is doing a "dogged job" of investigating the case. No decisions have been made because the investigation is not finished yet."For Ana, it has been an agonizing wait. She is so desperate for answers, she asks her son to tell her what happened the night he was shot.Ana Grullon: "Praying every night for him to tell me pieces of the puzzle."Carmel Cafiero: "And it is a puzzle for you at this point?"Ana Grullon: "Yes, cause I don't know nothing. I'm in the dark."But that may be changing. A few days after this interview, Ana says she was told the person involved in her son's shooting may be claiming it was self-defense.Meanwhile, Victor's 4-year-old daughter Jasmine is oblivious of her loss as only a little one can be. She's surrounded by family but will grow up without her father.

Shortly before our story first aired, we received a partial police report that seems to indicate Victor was the aggressor. Carmel will stay on top of this story.

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