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Risky and Risque?

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WSVN -- A popular Broward dance club asked to clean up its act, and community outrage is growing.

The late night parties at Club Cinema are still going on, and so are the overdoses and arrests. Following our reports, Pompano Beach put the club on notice it would have to start closing at 2 a.m. instead of its usual 4 a.m., based on a city ordinance.

But on a recent Saturday night, the club refused BSO orders to close and was issued a citation. This, after the city sent notice that Club Cinema could be considered a public nuisance.

Sandra King: "If they continue to be a nuisance, then the city can shut them down."

Carmel Cafiero: "Just wait just a second."

Sam Frontera is involved in the club's day-to-day operations and has signed documents as the club's owner.

Sam Frontera: "Well, what do you mean by what type of changes?"

He was aware of the nuisance letter from the city.

Carmel Cafiero: "I'm asking you whether or not you've made any changes based on that letter."

Sam Frontera: "There's no changes sweetheart; there's none."

Frontera insists problems with teen overdoses and arrests are the responsibility of parents not the club or promoters who rent the facility. But Broward's Sheriff says the club is also responsible and his officers are investigating.

Sheriff Al Lamberti: "What happens in their premises, they can't just point the finger at parents or somebody else. They have to accept responsibility as well."

George: "She's 15 years old."

This father dropped his daughter off at a Club Cinema event but made her get back into the car before she could even go inside.

George: "The young girls looked almost like prostitutes. Many of the boys weren't wearing shirts, all with very low-cut pants on. It was very provocative."

And, as 7News has documented, youngsters are clearly out of control right outside the club's front door. Here a girl is so out of it, she actually falls into her own vomit. Another, can't even stand up and has to be carried away.

Dr. Ron Habas: "This particular scene is one of the most sad that I've ever seen and the most dangerous."

Dr. Ron Habas says he has worked in emergency medicine for 15 years and went to see for himself what was happening in and around Club Cinema.

Dr. Ron Habas: "And on the three nights that I was there I probably talked to 80 to 100 kids and I sent 7 to 10 home with their friends because these were truly overdosing and having significant problems."

Frontera insist those kinds of problems are not the club's problems.

Sam Frontera: "The problems are a parent calling here and all of a sudden a big bomb blows up because some parent can't take care of their child."

Frontera however, did not want to talk about his past involving illegal drugs. In the '90s he went to prison after being indicted in connection with a federal cocaine distribution case.

Sam Frontera: "If you know anything about my background, if you know anything about my background then you'll leave me alone."

Carmel Cafiero: "What does that mean?"

He never answered.

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