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WSVN -- Alexis Wolfer loves natural alternatives to beauty products.Alexis Wolfer, Beauty Bean: "Sometimes the best solution is using food, which you can find in your kitchen."And she should know, Alexis is the Editor-in-Chief of the Beauty Bean, an online magazine dedicated to health and wellness. She says there are lots of great products to help skin look great. Like Blue Light treatments, which helps clear up pimples.Alexis: "This blue LED light goes underneath the surface of your skin and kills bacteria at its source."But if you don't want to buy it, Alexis says to DIY it. Raw honey is a sweet solution for acne.Alexis: "Raw honey is a really powerful antibacterial, and you can just apply a little bit. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse it off."We all know face creams and lotions and potions can cost big bucks, but you can save big bucks by using what's already in your kitchen, like extra virgin coconut oil.Nia Ruiz: "It's a nice alternative."Nia likes the idea of going au natural.Nia: It smelled really good, and I only had to use a little bit."Just remember, there's no sunscreen in coconut oil, so you should only use it at night. Alexis: "You can go to bed kind of looking like a grease ball but know that you're going to wake up with wonderfully hydrated, glowing skin."   For fine lines and wrinkles, expensive products with vitamin A have been known to make skin look younger. But you can get the same look for pennies from sweet potatoes and carrots.Alexis: "That's going to give you some of the vitamin A benefits."Toni Ann is a fan.Toni Ann: "I like the sweet potatoes because it's for aging, and it's something that I buy regularly."For sun protection, you can pay for expensive vitamins designed to boost your body's internal SPF, but your basic, garden variety tomato will do the very same thing. Toni Ann: "It's an alternative that's convenient for people."To hide cellulite, the celebs are doing expensive caffeine treatments which boost circulation. Some store-bought products cost up to $40, but you can raid your pantry for coffee and olive oil and achieve the very same look for much less.Nia: "When you're doing it you feel like you have a little scrub as well as treating your cellulite."DIY beauty solutions using what you already have in the kitchen to save time and money.Alexis: "It's really about just having all the information that you need and making informed empowered decisions."If you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at For more information:The Beauty Bean

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