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Repurpose and Save

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WSVN -- Jodi Furman loves to repurpose her things.

Jodi Furman: "Make them into something that's useful and functional and it's really going to save you a ton of money."

She always looks for ways household items can do double duty.

Jodi Furman: "I love things that help you organize."

Like using clothes hangers to organize flip flops, wrapping Christmas lights or keeping recipe books in sight and off the counter.

Jodi Furman: "That way it's a better viewpoint. You can see it exactly when you're using it and it's also going to keep it away from the spatter and the splatter of your stove top."

In Jodi's house, ice trays become organizers. Stray buttons turn into earring holders, tie racks store necklaces and bracelets.

Jodi Furman: "That way I can find what I want when I want it."

And no more mess under the sink. Shoe organizers get a new life storing cleaning supplies.

Jodi Furman: "That way you can see it. It's not taking up any cupboard space and also you can see when you're running low on something which you might not be able to see if it's shoved underneath the sink."

Never throw out plastic jugs. Make a sprinkler to water plants or grab some scissors and get creative.

Jodi Furman: "You could actually make a shovel and a pail for a kid for a day at the beach, you can use it in your garden, you can use it to scoop up after your animals."

Wine bottles keep boots upright in your closet and bread clips are a great fix for torn flip flops. And why buy speakers for your cell phone when a bowl can give you some pretty nice acoustics?

Danielle Butler also repurposes bowls. No jewelry boxes for her!

Danielle Butler: "I use little bowls everywhere. They're in my bathroom for rings and earrings, little odds and ends, little pieces of jewelry that you're always looking for the other mate. It's so important, you can save so much money. There's no reason to buy all those extra things."

Bram Maravent likes Jodi's

tip for re-using old toilet paper rolls.

Bram Maravent: "Every house has toilet paper. We have all this wrapping paper, I think I'm going to start making use of those toilet paper clips to hold our wrapping paper together."

It's all about creative thinking to get the most out of what you have.

Jodi Furman: "It's better for your wallet and it's really a lot better for the earth too."

If you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at moneymonday@wsvn.Com--


New Uses for Old Things


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