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WSVN -- Manny Corsino is a headhunter.

Manny Corsino: "We're engaged by companies to find them top-tier talent.

He works hard to find the right people for jobs in the corporate world.

Manny Corsino: "What we're looking for is someone who will add value to that company. Lots of experience at the executive level in different types of positions."

Manny believes 2013 is going to be better for all kinds of jobs.

Manny Corsino: "I have faith it's going to be a good year from blue collar to those corporate level positions just because of the tourism that's going to come into South Florida this year. That's going to boost the restaurant industry. The shopping malls, the hotels."

During the winter months, the South Florida hotel business is at its peak. Chris Clark is with the Mandarin Oriental in Downtown Miami.

Chris Clark: "Certainly now is the busiest time of the year. Right now we have a number of positions that are open ranging from room attendants to servers."

In the hotel industry, hiring goes on year-round from executive to entry level positions.

Chris Clark: "There's competition to find and recruit the right people and also to retain them so they don't leave."

And many of the required job skills can be transferred from different backgrounds.

Chris Clark: "If you're a teacher, certainly those skills can be very easily translated to some of the positions that we have in the hotel business."

Then, there's the growing Latin-American market here in South Florida.

IMS Corporate is a media and advertising company with offices in Brazil and Miami, they're also hiring.

Mariano Roman: "The kinds of jobs we're looking for are people who are able to navigate different arenas. Different skills, being able to speak two or three languages."

These days, being able to multi-task is a job requirement in many different careers.

Mariano Romano: "You need to have the flexibility and the mindset to be able to drop one single ball but to be able to manage three or four balls at a time."

The experts say construction and real estate is also on the upswing.

Manny Corsino: "Those apartments that have been on the market for a year, a year and a half are starting to get bought by Brazilian investors, Venezuelan, Argentinean, Mexican, so that will grow the real estate sector which will also grow the furniture, the retail, consumer so all positive signs."

The experts say the key to getting hired for any job is networking.

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