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Making Shoes Last

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WSVN -- As a stylist, Ray Pollock's shoes have to look good. Plus, he's on his feet most of the day so keeping his shoes in shape is important.

Ray Pollock: "If you don't take care of your shoes, they don't take care of your feet."

Ray says he saves big by fixing minor problems.

Ray Pollock: "One of my heels, actually both are pretty much torn up on both shoes and I'm taking them in for a tune up."

Shoe experts say little fixes like new heels, can put lots of extra miles on your shoes.

John Cirinese: "I have fixed shoes that customers have had 25 years."

John Cirinese says just a little TLC every day can make a big difference.

John Cirinese: "Keeping the shoe clean. Take a damp cloth, if you're not polishing your shoes regularly, take a damp cloth, wipe the shoe down, get the surface dust off of them. Don't wear your shoes every day, if you can rotate your shoes."

Here are some other good tips, brush suede and clean and polish leather shoes at least once a month to keep the leather conditioned and protected.

If you buy shoes with leather soles, have a repair shop add rubber sole guards to protect them. Women's shoes also need attention.

Monica Davis: "I find myself constantly at the shoe repair store to upkeep the style of the shoe and make sure they're still comfortable to walk in."

Especially high heels.

Iris Cirinese: "The main thing with us women is that we have to watch that we don't wear the toe off the bottom of our shoe. Just look at the bottom of it and check the bottom. Am I wearing that toe of the shoe out out? Am I wearing that little lift out have I lost it somewhere? Am I getting a hole in my sole?"

Experts say whether it's heels or tennis shoes, you should waterproof your shoes. If you do get caught in an afternoon downpour, be sure to let them air dry.

John Cirinese: "Don't put them in the dryer. Don't put them in the microwave. Let them air dry. Some people have stuffed newspapers in them to help take the moisture out and then put a good coat of conditioner on to help soften it up afterwards."

Shoes can be expensive, but with the right care and maintenance, they can keep you on your feet for years.

Monica Davis: "Nowadays you spend so much money on your shoes and and you got to keep on and hold on to them as long as possible."

Also, a little baking soda sprinkled inside your shoes can help draw out the moisture and remove odors.

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How to Make Shoes Last Longer

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