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Wallet security

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WSVN -- We're all guilty. We carry way too many valuables in our wallets.

Trudy Moon: "I carry all of my credit cards. I have my Visa, my American Express. I have my Macy's...."

And the more you have, the bigger the potential rip-off.

Angelique Lihou: "Two bank cards, some change and my passport."

Experts say it's too much.

Sargent Jay Leiner: "How many credit cards do you need? OK."

When we're out and about we all need to carry a driver's license or I.D. but most everything else should stay safe and secure at home until you need it.

Sargent Jay Leiner: "There are certain things you have to carry. Maybe at least one of two credit cards, maybe a gas card, but you don't need ten credit cards."

And you don't ever need to carry your social security card.

Sargant Jay Leiner: "Those unlock the doors to all financial records and if someone wants to commit identity theft, there's nothinig like a social security number."

Also, never put internet passwords, birth certificates or debit card pin numbers in your wallet.

Sargent Jay Leiner: "Why? You can't remember the number? Don't carry it with your the wallet. When you keep the numbers there, when you keep the passwords there it opens you up to your personal information."

Others items to leave at home are checks. Remember, your name, address and bank account number are right there. Even store receipts have partial credit or debit numbers. And never keep spare keys in your wallet.

Sargent Jay Leiner: "I had a gentleman call and his wallet was missing and his safe deposit box key was in there. And you know, why?"

A little caution now can save some big security and big money headaches in the long run.

If you do need to take credit cards, the experts said only carry one or two at a time, and even keep them in a separate place from your wallet to keep them from being stolen.

If you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at moneymonday@wsvn.com.


8 Things to Never Keep in Your Wallet


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