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Making your smart phone pay for itself

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WSVN -- Maria Arguello loves her smart phone, and she makes sure she gets her money's worth.

Maria Arguello: People used to carry around Swiss Army knives and now its like your phone has everything on it. It's so versatile."

She takes full advantage of all the features.

Maria Arguello: "I think the phone pays for itself. We wake up to it in the morning right? So there's your alarm clock. You check your calendar on it for the day you know, before you leave your house. So there's your daily planner."

And there are more ways to save. Take portable game devices, if you play on your phone, you'll save up to $250. Download music to your phone and save on the cost of an iPod which can cost up to $400.

Ivan Mladenovic: "I think the average person can save thousands of dollars because the phone itself can provide so many extensive features."

Ivan uses his smart phone for everything from tracking his bike workouts, to helping his business.

Ivan Mladenovic: I have my invoicing platform on my phone. I have the ability to take credit card payments on my phone. I don't have a home phone, instead I use my cellphone as my primary form of communication so I save probably $500 a year."

Don't get lost in this money saver. GPS systems can cost up to $250, but many navigation apps are free.

Another picture perfect plan for saving, skip expensive video and still cameras. You can save hundreds by using the cameras on the phones.

Maria Arguello: "It does save you money and it's so easy to use- and there's so many cool filters now on your phone."

Ivan Mladenovic: "From a savings perspective you can definitely save thousands of dollars on having a properly leveraged smart phone. So it's a matter of figuring out which apps work for you."

Smart phone users are cashing in on convenience and saving money.

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