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Healthy Pets, Healthy Wallets

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WSVN -- Lauren Fernandez never lets her dog Mufasa miss a visit to the vet. Barry Gallop is a cat lover. He's bringing his newest kitten to the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami for her shots.These pet lovers spend money on vaccinations and other preventative medications because they want their pets to be healthy.Barry Gollop: "The return on what you get on a healthy pet it's pretty hard to explain what that's about."And because they know having a healthy pet will save them money in the long run.Lauren Fernandez: "Thousands and thousands."One of the most easily prevented problems is heartworm disease.  Lauren Fernandez: "You can spend from $6 to $7 up to $10 a month to prevent the disease."One chewy med a month keeps worms like these from infecting a dog or cat's heart.Dr. Maureen Swan: "To actually treat the disease you can get into hundreds of dollars, if not going over a thousand dollars by the time you finish treating your dog."And taking care of your pet's dental health might not sound like a big money saver but it is.Dr. Maureen Swan: "Dental disease can contribute to a lot of health problems being cardiac, your heart kidney disease."Keeping teeth clean just takes a few minutes every week and keeps your dog or cat out of the vet's office.Spaying and neutering doesn't just prevent overpopulation but it can also prevent cancer. And monthly treatments chases away fleas and big vet bills.Barry Gollop: "I use Revolution right now. I use that because that prevents worms and things like heart disease."Another easy fix: Cutting back on the over feeding that leads to obesity. Lauren makes sure Mufasa eats a well-balanced diet and gives him lots of exercise.Lauren Fernandez: "I take him out three times a day. He comes back exhausted but he's got his exercise like you and me would every day."It's a matter of keeping your pet healthy and your wallet happy.Dr. Maureen Swan: "It always pays to prevent anything that you can prevent."Lynn Martinez: "You can also get lower cost treatments and medications at the Human Society of Greater Miami and at the Broward Humane Society."    If you have story ideas for money Monday, email us at MORE INFORMATION:Humane Society of Greater Miami Humane Society

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