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WSVN -- Sharon Urasz: "What I need you to do is take those rugs and put them outside for me."Sharon Urasz just hired a housekeeping service.Sharon Urasz: "I had to do this in a hurry. I had last minute company coming and I need my apartment clean, quick."Matthew Edwards has a leg injury and needed someone to do landscaping.Matthew Edwards: "I needed some trim, some rock work done. These are things I could have done myself but given my situation I just wasn't able to."Both Matthew and Sharon found the service providers they needed through a free new website called "SpendLO." Corey Leff: "Basically, we are a concierge service where consumers come, they specify the service or product that they're in need for. They specify what their budget is or how much they want to pay for it, and then we go out and shop it around to pre-qualified local service providers and try to get the best bids possible."Consumers put in their county, city, service category and budget. The site contacts licensed & insured vendors who place their bids. Then consumers pick the one they want.Online Video: "SpendLO will take care of the rest. We'll follow up with the vendor to make sure the transaction gets off on the right foot."Sharon says the process saved her time and she got her money's worth. Sharon Urasz: "I had an idea, I went online, I put it in motion and within literally a little more than 24 hours I'm satisfied."Matthew was glad to let the site do the legwork for him.Matthew Edwards: "This process for me was a lot easier than having to go to the phone book or even using Google, just trying to find these people on my own- this did everything for me."Lynn Martinez: "A client's personal information is never shared with vendors until after they are selected for the job. If you'd like to learn more about spendLO just go to our website. If you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at moneymonday@wsvn.com

FOR MORE INFORMATION:SpendLOhttp://www.spendlo.com/post-a-project/CleaningServices/61/23.aspx 

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