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Back to School on a Budget

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WSVN -- Leanette Fernandez is getting daughter Hannah ready to go back to school.Leanette Fernandez: "So we're going to get these folders on sale."Leanette knows how to find great deals, she even has her own website called, which is full of coupons and freebies.Leanette Fernandez: "What about some crayons?"When it's time to get school supplies, Leanette plays it smart and buys only what's on sale even if it means getting supplies a little at a time throughout the year. She keeps a sharp eye out for extreme sales and always stocks up.Leanette Fernandez: "Today I'm going to get the penny folders. I'm allowed to get 10 of them. That's a great price. The composition notebooks are normally $1, they're on sale for 25 cents. Hand sanitizers I need that whether they're in school or not and that's 25 cents each one."She also pays attention to sales after school starts.Leanette Fernandez: "You're going to have major sales after wards because they don't want to have all that merchandise there, so I would say stock up whenever the sale item is good whether it's before or after."When it comes to clothes and uniforms for growing kids, Leanette always buys used at a nearby thrift store.Leanette Fernandez: "Here's the Nova tops and I'll get the bottoms for you."This and that thrift boutique partners with Nova Elementary in Davie.Lore Paloor: "They're going to save about $20 a top if they buy them here they're $5. If they buy them at the school through their program it's $25 so that's a good savings."She snags two uniform pieces for just $10. Leanette says many schools also have used uniform sales at the beginning of each school year.Leanette fernandez: "Let's see if this is still going to fit I think so."Finally, Leanette advises parents to take stock of what kids already have and recycle for the coming year. Leanette Fernandez: "Maybe a notebook is not completely used maybe uniforms are still wearable, they fit. You've maintained it by using stain removers and they still look good whatever you have left over from last year. I would definitely apply towards next years and save money."Lynn Martinez: "Another way to save on the cost of uniforms and clothes is to have a swap meet with other parents trading their children's outgrown clothes.If you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at moneymonday@wsvn.comFOR MORE INFORMATION:  

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