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Buying Club Savings

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WSVN -- Julia Magnani loves to buy organic fruits and vegetables, especially now that she's saving money.

Julia Magnani, Buys Organic: "In general, I'm saving $10 to $15, sometimes $20."

Julia buys her produce in bulk through an organic buying club called Endlessly Organic.

Julia Magnani, Buys Organic: "I feel like I'm saving money and time, honestly. It's very convenient to pick up the food here at the school or at the community center at Surfside, and I get a wider selection, basically delivered to my door."

Generally, organic products cost 40 percent more than non-organic produce.

But buying clubs help offset those high prices by buying in bulk, and in season.

Cheryl Arnold, Endlessly Organic: "There's no middle man. It doesn't sit on a shelf, so it saves the cost of the middle man, plus everything's fresh because it's not sitting anywhere, so you end up with the best possible product at the best possible price."

There are several buying clubs based in South Florida, and all work basically the same way.

Join up and place your order for fresh organic fruits and veggies.

A full share costs $50 a box and generally feeds a family of four for two weeks.

A half share costs $35 and will feed two for the same length of time.

Members pick up their goodies at nearby community centers, schools or other locations.

Marsha Botkin, Endlessly Organic Member: "I convinced my neighbor to go in on the share, and so we get a half a share every two weeks, and the two of us, I'll split the box with her. We have a lot of fun figuring out who's going to get what."

You can also get extras, like organic eggs and other organic products.

Cheryl Arnold, Endlessly Organic: "You save typically 35 to 50 percent, depending on seasonality and availability. The price fluctuates throughout the year, just as the produce in your local grocery store fluctuates throughout the year."

Ellen has been a member for a year. She likes the selection and the savings.

Ellen Gutlohn, Endlessly Organic Member: "On my grocery bills maybe $30 or so a week. I find that it lasts me and I don't have to go supplement at the grocery store as often."

Giving consumers healthy choices and helping to take the sting out of organic prices.

Julia Magnani, Buys Organic: "I think that it's a good value, and it's fresh."

Lynn Martinez: "Many organic clubs also offer online recipes, so members can take full advantage of that week's produce selections."


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