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Summer Jobs

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WSVN -- Kevin Herrera is crossing his fingers for a summer job.

Kevin Herrera, Applying for a Job: "I'm here to apply at the YMCA for a lifeguard position."

Kevin did his research. He knows the YMCA in Broward is hiring extra staff for the busy summer months.

Maryalicia Johnson, YMCA: "What we're looking for is anyone out there who has a lifeguard certification or a swim instructor certification, CPR training, AED training. If they're interested in working at the YMCA, we have a job for them."

Experts say the first step in getting a summer job is to do research.

Ask around, go online, and find out who's hiring.

Restaurants, hotels, and pools often hire extra staff in the summer.

Once you decide where to apply, research the company to let potential employers know you've done your homework.

Maryalicia Johnson, YMCA: "Go onto their website, find out about their culture, about their values, about their CEO."

And for the interview, think ahead about what you'll say.

Kevin Herrera, Applying for a Job: "Be ready for any question possible. There are questions that might surprise you, but be honest and be firm in what you say."

Another good way to find a job is to volunteer.

Kelly is a lifeguard now, but when she was younger, she volunteered and learned the importance of networking.

Kelly Cassidy, Lifeguard: "You really get yourself out there, you meet new people, you meet who you're going to be working with, they get to know you. Volunteering is a great way to get in."

For young people, finding that summer job isn't just about making money. It's also about building confidence.

Maryalicia Johnson, YMCA: "I think applying for a job is one of the best experiences an applicant can have. Whether they get the job or not, just being able to sit down with someone and practice their interviewing skills, that's really worth a lot, and it really will help you in the future to be able to land the job that you're looking for."

Lynn Martinez: "There are some restrictions on what teens are allowed to do."


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