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Marine Fuel Tips

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WSVN -- George Rodriguez takes his family out boating all the time.George Rodriguez: "Last year I would waste $60 say going the whole day out fishing, diving, take the family out."But now he's having to cut back because the same trip costs him almost $100. George Rodriguez: "Before you could go out four times a month, five times a month. Now you have to pick your days maybe bring it down to three just to save a little bit wherever you can."Lots of boaters are feeling the pinch.Christian Denhard: "Even the small boats like the ones that are passing us probably costs them a $100 where it used to cost them $50 to fill up for the day."Boating experts say there are ways to make your fuel go further. If your boat is on a trailer, fuel up on the road. Gas at marinas is a lot more expensive.Christian Denhard: "It's about a $1.50 a gallon more on the water than it is on the road." You also want to lighten your load.  Christian Denhard: "The more you have on the boat, the more extra fishing gear things you might not need for the day. It definitely hurts your fuel economy." Check your propellers make sure they are not bent or full of debris, and always keep your engine in good shape.Christian Denhard: "I've heard of boats fuel economy being cut in half because they couldn't plane out or they haven't done the right maintenance on the boat."It also helps to plan where you're going so you don't waste fuel just driving around. And finally, slow down the faster you run the engine the more gas you'll burn.George says he'll still go boating but will be more selective about how often he goes.George Rodriguez: "I'm hoping the prices come down. I'm hoping that I can take out my boat more often. I'm hoping that I can save a little money here and there and go back to the way things were, but until then we're just going to have to watch it."Lynn Martinez: "Another way to save on marine fuel to invest in a membership to a boat association where you'll discounts on gas, dockage and maintenance work."FOR MORE INFORMATION:Towboat U.S.

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