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WSVN -- Steve Rausch has a brand new favorite deals site.

It's called Bizzability.

Steve Rausch, Likes Bizzability: "I use Bizzability about two times a week. I get great deals all over town."

Karen Rudolf is a fan, too.

Karen Rudolf, Likes Bizzability: "I like the flexibility of it."

Like Groupon and Living Social, Bizzability offers coupon deals for all kinds of local businesses.

Guy Kennett, Bizzability: "Here we've got a chiropractic package. We've got $10 off a pet spa."

But unlike big coupon deal sites, Bizzability requires no payment upfront.

Find the deal you want, print out the coupon, but keep your credit card in your pocket.

Guy Kennett, Bizzability: "They can print out a coupon, but they don't have to pay. So they've got that coupon, they can take it to the restaurant. If they don't like the look of that restaurant, they don't have to go there."

Like other coupon deals, Bizzability coupons do eventually expire, but there isn't the same pressure to use them if you haven't already forked over cash for them.

Steve Rausch, Likes Bizzability: "A lot of times, I'll have the discount, and I'll forget about it as well. It'll sit there, and all of a sudden, they'll send me a reminder, like, it's going to expire, so now I have to go use it or I'm wasting money."

Karen just got a $45 deep conditioning treatment free with her cut and blow dry. She likes the no-pressure approach and the chance to check out new places.

Karen Rudolf, Likes Bizzability: "I was looking for a hair salon, and Bizzability offered one and I figured I'd check it out, and I've been here ever since."

The site also offers local reviews and lets you check out upcoming events. Checking in on the mobile app gets you freebies, like a free drink or an appetizer at a local restaurant.

Guy Kennett, Bizzability: "The deals on Bizzability can be there today, they can be there tomorrow, or they can be there for the month, so it allows the user to come in and basically utilize that deal when they want without pressure, and I think that's a differentiator from where other companies are offering today."

Lynn Martinez: "To get Bizzability deals, just join up online. Membership is free."

If you have any other questions about Bizzability, or if you have story ideas for Money Monday, email us at


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