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WSVN -- Shari Grunspan and Stefanie Cohen are big time food fans. They write a food blog but they're also UM law students with limited budgets.

That's why they joined a sweet savings program called Savored. It's guaranteed to save members 30 percent on their bills.

Stefanie Cohen: "I personally think you're foolish if you don't join Savored and you're dining out. Even if you're dining out only a little percent off your bill is a substantial amount."

To join: Go to Savored and sign up for a free membership. Then, select a featured restaurant. Make a resvervation at one of the times offered. Pay a $10 booking fee and 30 percent subracted from your bill.

Matt Engfer: "The savings are unlimited. The more you spend the more you save. If you have a $100 bill you're going to end up saving $30."

Up to a dozen people can dine at once on a Savored reservation, and the discount covers more than food.

Matt Engfer: "The best part is that you get cocktails included which is very rare for savings programs."

Savored is partnering with 35 restaurants in Miami-Dade County and they're expanding every day.

Ana Guzman: "The whole idea behind Savored is to be able to offer a tool through which diners can discover new restaurants and try restaurants that they never would have tried before."

New restaurants and new dishes too.

Shari Grunspan: "Knowing that you're saving 30 percent off the bat you're more likely to order steak and fish that you wouldn't ordinarily get in the first place."

Through the program, restaurants fill empty tables and diners get great deals at the hottest restaurants.

It's a win-win deal for everybody.

Lynn Martinez: Savored is a nationwide program launched two years ago currently in 10 cities throughout the U.S."

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