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Phone Calls

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WSVN -- Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "Hi, I wanted to speak with somebody about my bill."

Jodi Furman is a believer in the power of the polite phone call.

Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "I have a bill here, and I wanted to find out if there is any way that I can lower it a little bit."

Jodi's website, Live FabuLESS, gives tips on ways to save.

Lesson one: Pick up the phone and ask how you can lower your bill.

Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "It's just a matter of saying, 'Hey, I really love the service that I'm getting, but it's a bit more than I can afford right now. Is there any way that you can help me so I can afford this?'"

Whether it's your phone, Internet or cable service, many times companies will offer credits and discounts, if you ask.

But don't settle for the first offer. Bargain for more.

Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "You might have to speak to a manager at that point, but that's when you really start getting even better savings."

And don't be afraid to cancel your service.

Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "That's when they think that you're serious. That's when the real bargaining and the real discounts start coming in."

Dawn Cardenas took Jodi's advice.

Dawn Cardenas, Saved Money: "I told DirecTV that I found a cheaper way of doing my cable, and they made all kinds of accommodations for me to stay."

Rebecca Cooperman, Saved Money: "I want to know if there's any deals going on in my account."

Rebecca Cooperman is also learning new ways to save.

Rebecca Cooperman, Saved Money: "I called my cell phone company, and I learned that I had a credit just sitting on my account. I just had to ask about it. I also learned that just because of the company my husband works at, they had a trade agreement, and we got 20 percent off of our cell phone bill."

You can also lower bills on home and car insurance by asking about discounts and upgrades.

Dawn Cardenas, Saved Money: "It works. Picking up the phone works. Getting the information and knowing what to say to the people when you get on the phone, that's half the battle."

Jodi calls about her bills every six months, and she's saved money too, more than $1,000 last year alone.

Jodi Furman, Live FabuLESS: "My whole adage is to really save where you can so you can splurge where you want. It's about being fabu-less, about having fun and making it a game and really living a great life without having a high cost."

Lynn Martinez: "Another way to save is to streamline. If you don't use it, lose it, like that gym membership or cable movie package."

If you'd like to learn more about saving on bills or if you have story ideas for Money Monday, e-mail us at


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