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Summer Energy Savers

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WSVN -- As the South Florida sun beats down, energy bills heat up.

But, following a few simple tips can help you save. Florida Power and Light expert Marie Bertot says the biggest expense is air conditioning.

Marie Bertot: "We recommend raising the thermostat while you're home to 78 degrees and while you're away 82 or higher. That should save you a substantial amount on your energy bill."

Another sure fire saver: Clean air filters.

Zahira Landestoy: "Maintaining the air filter's clean just helps you to, you know, keep the energy cost down because the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard."

Also, put weather stripping around doors and windows to keep in cool air. Check air ducts for leaks and clean the lint filter on your dryer so clothes dry faster, and there are other ways to save.

J.C. Garcia: "I travel a lot, so I turn off the water heater, supposedly that's like 25 percent of your bill."

Save even more by turning the water heater down to 120 degrees. Limit the time you run your pool pump to six hours a day and turn off ceiling fans when you leave a room.

Marie Bertot: "Awareness is key to savings, so if you're aware of your energy habits it's going to help you save energy."

And saving energy means more money in your pocket.

Zahira Landestoy: "In the long run you'll be saving more money and what can be more important than that?"


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