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Winn-Dixie Gas Perks

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WSVN -- Doing the weekly grocery run has taken on a whole new meaning for Sabrina Sheiv.

She's happy, because she knows that every dollar she spends here is going to save her big at the gas station.

Sabrina Sheiv, fuelperks! Member: "I'm saving between $10 and $20. It's amazing, because I have a van, so I take a lot of gas."

The savings are courtesy of a customer reward program offered by Winn-Dixie and Shell called "fuelperks!"

Commercial: "Never pay full price for gas again."

Robin Castillo, Winn-Dixie District Manager: "When you use your fuelperks! card, you receive five cents off every gallon of gas for a $50 purchase, so you can accumulate the amount of savings based on the purchases you make by increments of $50."

Just sign up at your local Winn-Dixie store or online and shop away.

The more you spend, the bigger your savings.

Robert Berman manages a group home and spends hundreds per trip.

The day we shot this story, gas was $3.81 per gallon.

After shopping, Robert's fuelperks! price was $2.16 per gallon.

Robert Berman, fuelperks! Member: "It would have been $45 for the fill-up, but it actually cost me $25 for the fill-up, which is an enormous savings."

Sabrina didn't spend as much as Robert, but her trip earned her fuelperks! of $3.31 per gallon, saving her more than $8.

Sabrina Sheiv: "Some weeks, I've gotten 50 cents off or 35 cents off per gallon, so now, I shop here every single week."

Each Winn-Dixie store directs fuelperks! members to the nearest participating Shell, and there is a limit.

Robin Castillo: "If you spend $300 to $400 within that month, you can only purchase up to 20 gallons."

With gas prices in the $4 range, these customers are glad for any break at all.

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