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WSVN -- Jerri just wanted younger looking skin.

Jerri: "It was a free offer for two different wrinkle creams and all you had to do is pay the shipping."

But when she gave them her credit card number, she got a nasty surprise.

Jerri: "A few days later I was charged on my account $74.95."

Another popular scheme mortgage modifications.

Pamela Ryan: "I pay right now $1,044 here they told me they could reduce it to $740 dollars."

Pamela gave them $700 to fix her mortage and got...

Pamela Ryan: "They turned around and did nothing."

The Better Business Bureau says when the economy goes south scam artists get busy preying on people desperate to make or save money.

Michael Galvin: "If you see someone asking for an upfront fee that is the biggest red flag of all walk away."

The BBB says you should check out businesses before opening your wallet you can even do it on its website.

Michael Galvin: "They'll tell you from A to F what the standing of that company is and how many complaints the company has had against them."

Here are some popular scams making their way around South Florida:

Job hunters ask for money and your personal information disappear without finding you a job. The work from home scheme asks for credit card info to pay for. Business start up kits and timeshare resellers claim to have a buyer for your property ask for cash to cover fees then disappear.

Michael Galvin: "I've heard so many people say if I'd only checked before time. That's right, don't check after it's too late because they've packed their bags and they're gone and they have your money."

If you have a complaint about a scam, contact the BBB and the Florida Attorney General's office.




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