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Fees You Shouldn't Pay

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WSVN -- To save money, think ABC: airplanes, banks and cell phones. Those are the big three when it comes to getting nickel-and-dimed over fees that can add up to debt.

Anthony Miyazaki, Watches Fees: "I think a lot of times, marketers feel that we're not going to notice the small fees, and they're right."

Anthony Miyazaki teaches marketing at FIU.

He says small fees can add up to big money, like those charged by banks for using ATM machines.

Anthony Miyazaki: "$6 per transaction, once a week, that's $300 a year you could save if you tried something else."

A better option: get cash back during regular shopping trips. From drug to grocery stores, even home improvement chains offer the option to get cash back every time you make a purchase, and there are no fees attached.

If you use credit cards, you don't have to pay fees for those either, saving as much as $60 a year.

Elizabeth Karwowski, Credit Expert: "There are many credit cards out there that want to give us the credit cards and those limits at no cost."

Your checking account should also be free.

As for your cell phone, here's one you might not think about: directory assistance. Dialing 411 will cost you around $2 per call, but you can get that information for free by dialing 1-800-FREE-411.

And when it comes to booking airfare, do it online. Airlines charge a $15 fee to book over the phone. And these days, if you don't want to pay for baggage, look for airlines who let bags fly free, like Southwest. That will save you from $25 to $30 per bag.

It all adds up.

Anthony Miyazaki: "We can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars if we're just careful about how we're spending our money."

Lynn Martinez: "You can also be charged if you have to change or cancel a flight: $25 or more per person. If you're traveling with a family, travel insurance might be a good idea."

If you have any other money questions or story ideas you'd like us to look into on Money Monday, you can tell us about it by emailing us at moneymonday@wsvn.com.

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