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Shikany Experience

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WSVN -- Chef Michael Shikany loves taking chances when it comes to food.

Michael Shikany, Chef: "Food is what I care about the most, it's my creativity."

And unlike most chefs, he didn't just want to open another' sit-down restaurant. Michael wanted to really shake things up.

Michael Shikany, Chef: "You can always go to a restaurant you get bored and tired of it."

So he started the "Shikany Nomadic Culinary Series" where the dining experience always moves into a different space like penthouses yachts and art galleries.

Michael Shikany Chef: "I wanted to bring people together around different interests, like lifestyle, music, art, fashion, and I wanted it to revolve around food."

One of Shikany's regular events is a twist on Sunday brunch called "Sunday Sounds" the brunches will take place at a different swank space like his last event at the 'Shore Club Penthouse' in South Beach.

Dirk: "I'd like to raise a toast to Chef Michael Shikany."

For four hours guests got the chance to experience the luxury and breathtaking views of the exclusive sky-high penthouse.

Nattacha Calabrese-Guest: "Breathtaking, it's fabulous and just being here with my husband and meeting new people, everyone has been so nice and the hospitality is unbelievable."

Susan Isenberg-Guest: "It's just a beautiful day. I got my drink and life is good."

There was music, dancing lots of socializing and soaking up the sun.

Camelia Bowles-Guest: "We all voted and we had to stick our feet in the pool or it wouldn't be a party if we weren't in the pool."

Johnny Calabrese-Guest: "To have an event like this that brings people together that are probably like-minded, like being on ocean, enjoying everything that Miami has to offer."

While you're enjoying yourself, Chef Michael is hard at work preparing a parade of delicious dishes.

Michael Shikany-Chef: "We are doing a ten course today, we actually themed around a seafood brunch something good for Miami."

Emilio Guerra is Michael's partner in wine. He's at every event to make sure the food and drinks match up.

Emilio Guerra-Wine Director for Shikany Experience: "He loves to cook incredible cuisine's and I love to pair the food with wines that enhance the flavor of the food."

But not just wine you'll find cocktail stations with prosecco, tequila and vodka.

Camelia Bowles-Guest: "The food is extravagant. The specialty that Michael comes up with the pairing of the drinks and the food, you can't get it at a restaurant."

Who knows where the next roving food party will be, but we promise it's a culinary journey worth taking.

Belkys Nerey: "To join the Shikany events you'll need to sign up and you will get invites to events that fit your interests the average event price is $150."


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