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Summer Fitness

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WSVN -- Yogis are used to posing on a comfy mat in a studio. Now Adventure Sports Miami is stretching your limits with paddleboard yoga.

Paula Ambrosio: "We do everything from warriors, to tree poses to headstands everything you do in a studio we do here on a paddleboard."

You'll grab a board and anchor it in the waters off Matheson Hammock Park'in Coral Gables then for about an hour you will try to balance your body and mind on water.

Alexandra Villarreal: "Just the experience of being here in the outdoors feel the wind, have the water around you. You're able to see marine life here."

As if yoga moves aren't already hard enough, being on the often-choppy waters of Biscayne Bay gives you a double core workout.

Paula Ambrosio: "The board which is moving underneath you the whole time with the flow of the water makes it so you're constantly shifting your balance and working out your core very hard."

Don't be discouraged if you fall off it's all part of the fun.

Alexandra Villarreal: "Oh the balance. It's a little bit challenging."

Cristina Villaraos: "I've taken yoga lessons before, but this, you feel it more in your muscles."

If you are tired of hitting they gym and not seeing any results? Check out Symbio in Miami Beach where they are taking a scientific approach to working out.

Bill Cortright: "Symbio is a center where we bring fitness and medical together."

One half of the gym is filled with fitness equipment, but it's the other side where the science comes in.

The gym offers a test called Biofit Metabolic Test where they gauge your biological age and determine your ideal fat-burning zone.

Bill Cortright: "We'll measure a person's physiology and basically we measure how a person's body handles stress. How does their body process foods and then we'll create a lifestyle program around them that helps create results."

Ron Thomas was struggling with getting back in shape. He took the biofit test so he could make his workouts perfect.

Ronald Thomas: "The test indicted that I needed to build my aerobic capacity, I'm doing that through interval training. I'm running three four times a week as well as doing resistance training."

Three weeks later he says he feels a huge difference.

Ronald Thomas: "My time in here is not time wasted. I know exactly what I should be doing when I come in here."

Isn't that what we all want at the gym?

Belkys Nerey: "Instructors at Symbio will also order blood work or other tests to better determine what's going on with your body."


Symbio Gym1815 Purdy AveMiami Beach, FL 33139(786)  

Adventure Sports Miamiwww.adventuresportsmiami.com305-591-3559 Yoga Paddleboarding at Matheson Hammock Park

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