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Freeline Skates

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WSVN -- Sure you can get pumping on a skateboard or zig zag around on rollerblades, but you've probably never experienced anything like this.

There is a new extreme sport on wheels turning a lot of heads.

Spencer Blanton: "It's pretty cool. He skated by and it was head stopping. It was like hold on. He's floating."

Brandon Battite: "These are cool, so original. I've never seen anything like this."

They are called Freelines, think of them as individual skateboards for your feet.

Ryan Farrelly: "Kind of like a skateboard without the board. You're riding on the trucks without a board, you can widen out your wheel base and really get pumping."

Totally cool, huh? Cali native Ryan Farrelly came up with the idea for Freelines when he was making a new downhill skateboard.

Ryan Farrelly: "I wanted a board that was able to carve a little bit deeper, kinda like a snowboard feeling. It just hit me I don't even need this board. I can just stand on these two trucks."

Just like the name without a board you are free to move and do all sorts of tricks.

Ryan Farrelly: "It's a little bit different movement in that it's flowy, and you get a fluid movement going on."

Loren Livick: "I'm a trained dancer so seeing someone move like that I was fascinated by it and pulled me into it."

They look tough to ride, but Ryan says after a few days of practice it's as easy as riding a bike.

Ryan Farrelly: "The analogy is like a bicycle it's one row of heels and so if you're not going anywhere it's hard to balance, but once you get moving it's second nature."

Ryans' advice, start off holding on to something like a countertop.

Ryan Farrelly: "You hold on and you line up the wheels and you just push yourself along. Whichever way you're falling, just turn your foot and it will steer the skate to keep it under your safely."

After watching the skaters show off the Freelines around South Beach, Spencer Blanton had to buy a pair and says he caught on quick.

Spencer Blanton: "I have only done it a couple of hours and I feel comfortable. I only fell off a couple of times but they weren't bad because you can run right off. No blood, no bruises, we're good."

And unlike blades or boards they're easy to stash in your beach bag.

Reko Rivera: "I take it anywhere I can, it's the smallest way of transportation."

That's how we roll here in South Florida. Enjoy the ride.

Belkys Nerey: "Freelines cost about $150 and are sold at Fritz's Shop in South Beach."


Fritz's Miami Beach 1620 Washington Ave.Miami Beach, FL 33139. 305-532-1954

Freeline Skates are also available at: www.freelineskates.com877-RIP-IT-UP

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