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Dark Dining

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WSVN -- Want to ignite your typical dining experience how about turning off the lights.

Adrianne Calvo, Executive Chef: "Being in the dark in itself you're cautious, you're feeling a little daring."

Once a month at Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in Kendall they lower the lights and customers actually dine in the dark. To make things even more adventurous, they create a seductive theme for the night.

Adrianne Calvo: "Immediately they are transported to somewhere else. This month we have burlesque, so it's cabaret."

After having a cocktail by candlelight, chef Adrianne invites her guests to go all the way and put on a blindfold.

Adrianne Calvo: "Being blindfolded just makes you vulnerable to everything that is around you."

Man: "Half the time she doesn't want to see me anyway."

Once your eyes are covered the staff will serve you five courses, and since you won't be able to see anything you have to depend on all your other senses.

Marietta Fernandez: "You become very in tune with your sense of smell and the sense of taste. The flavors are very intense."

Each dish becomes a guessing game to figure out what you ate and how to eat it.

"Definitely corn."

"I'm sure it's oyster rockefeller , it's delicious."

Marlene Menendez: "It's just the fact that we have to rely on our conversation. We can't look at each other. The conversation has been really interesting."

Apparently conversation isn't the only thing that becomes heightened when dining in the dark. We caught a lot of affection going on with couples.

"I plan to play footsie with the birthday boy."

Marlene Menendez: "We've been role playing and having a lot of fun with it. We pretended we just met yesterday, he was a starving artist and I kinda just picked him up and took him home."

And although the waiters try to direct you, obviously there will be some party fouls in all the fun.

"We did a blind toast and it didn't work too well!"

Marietta Fernandez: "Several times I touched the food, and I put salmon in my mouth with my hands, it was kinda embarrassing."

Julio Leiva: "Did I get it all over my shirt already? I dunno, am I ok?"

Good news is no one can see you make a fool of yourself. Except us, of course.

You'll get five courses that includes two drinks for $50 a person.

FOR MORE INFO:www.chefadriannes.com

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