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New Workouts

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WSVN -- This will get all you indoor cyclists geared up. Your old spinning class is now re-invented.

Julie Rice, Soul Cycle: "No one has really updated this exercise since the 80's. We've sort of put the joy back into exercise."

"Soul Cycle" started in New York and now the popular spinning class has pedaled it's way into the chic Mondrian Hotel on South Beach. It's already gained a cult-like following among locals.

Kacey Karp: "It's addicting. It's a great addiction!"

What makes this spin class different, it hits all your body parts in just 45 minutes.

Julie Rice: "We've made it more than a cardio experience, we have added a one pound weight series, so people can tone their upper bodies. And we have originated all our moves for the core."

Expect fun music and fast moves, but sign up early spots go quickly.

If you hate exercising the Fontainebleau Hotel is making workouts fun with a gaming system called the "Trazer." If you think the Wii is cool the Trazer really ups the ante.

Val Conner, Trainer: "We get you to focus on something else other than the work out itself."

A personal trainer chooses which body-challenging game you will play, anything from soccer to catching basketballs and you'll wear this belt, which lets you act as the player in the game.

Val Conner: "When you're playing a game, you're like a human joystick. You have control of everything that takes place. With the Trazer machine your constantly shocking your body and your body doesn't know which way it's moving so your burning more calories."

You'll also do some quick weights and ab exercises in the 50 minute session. The best part you'll burn major calories under the watchful eye of a personal trainer.

Val Conner: "It's my job as a trainer, to make sure you're doing the right form of course, the machine motivates you."

Jessica Trainham, Client: "You're not thinking about the time you're on it, or your heart rate is up, because you're so engaged in the games."

Some extra motivation when you're done, you can relax at the hotel's spa or swank pool.

Golfers can take a swing at fitness in the new "golf pilates" class at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura.

Karen Winselmann, Pilates Teacher: "We designed this program for the local residents to come and perfect their game of golf."

Much of the class is held on the golf course where you'll do pilates with your golf gear.

Karen Winselmann: "We're going to be using the golf cart to do some stretching, we're also going to be using the golf clubs to help stretch."

The idea, get your core up to par and your game will be better too.

Karen Winselmann: "The core strength is really the area for the golfer and it's key to their drive and swing."

Karen Winselmann: "The pilates for golfers is going to help the golfer increase their flexibility and core strength, so that they hit the ball further and more accuracy in their putting."

Now no more whining about boring workouts, get out and get moving.

For the golf pilates the resort is offering a free 30 minute trial session. Once again all these classes are open to local residents!

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