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Deco Bike Swoop

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WSVN -- Your mother always told you to share and now here's your chance a new bike sharing program called "Deco Bike" is pedaling into Miami Beach, and believe us it's going to make your life so much easier.

Oscar Ramirez: "Parking in Miami Beach is a hassle, and this is going to be available on almost every block. You can just drop off your bike and go."

The whole bike sharing idea started in Europe and has been a huge success. The idea is to give people an easy and green way to get around.

Osar: "The system is completely green. It's ran solar powered for every bike that's being used, it's a car off the road."

Here's how it works: About 93 bike stations will soon be set up all over North Beach and South Beach they'll be strategically placed every few blocks near beaches, neighborhoods, restaurants and major attractions like Lincoln Road and South Pointe Park.

Osar: "We have it from 1st street to 85th and from Ocean to Bay, so it covers the whole South Beach to Miami Beach area."

You just swipe your Deco bike membership card or a credit card, pick up a bike and then drop it off at your next location.

Osar: "You're basically going to be able to go from Point A to Point B without having to look for parking or having to get in your car to go and get lunch."

This works great for those people who live and work on the beach and an extra bonus, you get a better body.

Guerby Mertil: "What's so great about this program is you get into shape without even trying to work out."

Another fun way to get around Miami Beach is to call "Swoop." Alex Amith is the mastermind behind "Swoop" an electric, six passenger golf cart that will carry you from one end of South Beach to another.

Alex Smith: "We go from 1st and 24th and then in between Ocean and Bay Road. Getting a ride with Swoop is as easy as calling. Drivers will pick you up an drop you off, or if you see us passing, holler 'swoop, swoop', and we'll come stop for you and take you where you want to go."

Swoop rides are available from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily, and best part, the rides are free but of course, tips are always appreciated.

Alex Smith: "The rides are really fun, You get to interact with people on the side of the road. There's music going."

Swoop promises to be there within 15 minutes and be prepared to share the ride with others. See we've learned so much about the joys of sharing.

BELKYS Nerey: "Deco Bike membership is only $15 a month and you get incentives all over the beach. Go in any store that has a Deco Bike logo and you'll get some sort of discount."



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