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Free Running

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WSVN -- This is the way most people run, but there's a whole other group of people who believe running should be a little more like this.

What they're doing is an urban sport called free running.

Adrian Gonzalez: "Free running is the ultimate form of exercise, of self expression. You're mixing movement on your hands, on your feet, jumps, flips, scaling walls."

Videos of free running are all over the web and is even seen in this chase scene from the movie "Casino Royale." Basicall, free runners make the world their playground.

Adrian Gonzalez: "So you can take something as simple as exiting your car and be creative with it."

It's become so popular Adrian Gonzalez decided to open the Miami Freerunning Academy in Doral.

Adrian Gonzalez: "People come here to get in shape, people come here to try something new and exciting, or they saw something in a movie and they want to try it."

At the gym, Adrian and this small cast of characters anything from martial artists to stuntmen teach others how to push their bodies to the limit.

David Rodriguez: "My favorite skill would probably be the front flip. I can front flip off anything you want."

Adults and kids can take classes where they learn a mixture of free running, stunts and gymnastics.

Adrian Gonzalez: "Basic obstacle coursing. How to land, how to roll, overcome blocks, scale walls. That's sort of the foundation of what we teach, so that they become aware of what their bodies can do."

Vanessa Valladares: "Free running for me is really exciting, it's really challenging, it's hard especially being a girl."

Don't think you can do it? Kids like 10-year-old Peter Gomez may change your mind.

Peter Gomez: "I've been here for about three months and I would say the funnest thing is actually jumping off stuff and actually being able to land and roll, and not getting a scratch."

He already sees a future in it.

Peter Gomez: "I'm not really sure, but I may be a stunt man."

Hey it worked for one of the instructors nicknamed "spider."

Spider: "I've worked for Burn Notice, CSI Miami, I've done a lot of MTV shows and commercials."

So go ahead take a leap hopefully, you'll land on your feet.

Belkys Nerey: "Don't worry the first thing they teach you is safety."


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