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Shoe Party

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WSVN -- For many women the right pair of shoes can be love at first sight.

Carrie Bradshaw-Sex & the City: "Hello lover."

But sadly, the love affair often ends quickly once you see the price tag. Well, what if you could get a fashionable pair of shoes for only $45. Now that's a fab reason to celebrate, right?

Jamie DeBrino, Hot Pink Style, Owner: "This way you don't have to spend a fortune for something that may or may not be a classic, but it's fun and trendy."

Sisters Jamie and Jenna Debrino own a styling company called, Hot Pink Style. The young women get access to some great, affordable shoes, so they decided to help ladies all over South Florida host shoe parties.

Jenna DeBrino: "They're all designer inspired. So, they'll look like Jimmy Choo, Manola Blahniks. You can get that trend, just not very expensive."

You can throw the shoe party at your home or at their swanky warehouse in Deerfield Beach. The sisters are like fairy shoe-mothers and will bring the sizes and styles fit for your guests.

Shannon Dempsey: "I love them. They are sexy, they look like I have an anklet on."

And as you can imagine, the best part comes when they start pulling out boxes and boxes of shoes.

Candice Duffy: "I want those, those, and those."

It really is a girl's dream. There are stilettos, wedges, shoes with crazy cut-out heels.

Shannon Dempsey: "I love all the studs. I love the heel, the cutouts."

Candice: "I've been dying for a pair of gold shoes. I'm very girly-girl. I love the bow and the high heel."

You can add to the party by serving sweet treats and wine, but don't lounge and sip too long, those shoes you had your eye on may go walking off with someone else.

Terri Coolidge: "The competition of who's gonna get what, and since there' s only certain sizes of each, girls were not eating or drinking until they picked out their shoes."

The sisters will take their shoe parties from Miami Beach to Palm Beach, and if the shoe fits, it's yours right then and there.

Terri Coolidge: "You can buy so many for $45! I get just as many compliments as I do the high end shoes."

It's one party you won't walk away from empty-handed.

If they don't have a size or style you want, they will have it delivered in a week. Oh, and if you host a shoe party, you get a free pair of shoes.


Hot Pink 954.933.1287

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