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WSVN -- Get out of your daily grind. Instead of coffee on the run, how about lounging at the newly-opened Nespresso on Lincoln Road.

Herold Batoon: "It's kind of nightclub, loungy, but on a softer note. It's somewhere you can relax and really talk to different people."

Nespresso with it's futuristic design is part coffee lounge, part showroom.

Herold Batoon: "It looks almost like a museum."

The way they make and serve java is also different. They pop these small, coffee capsules filled with ground coffee into a machine and voila it's brewed! There are 16 different types to try.

MOS: "Here you look at the menu, there's first of all different types of coffee, different types of expresso. There's 10 different ways to have it."

Making coffee is also an art for some of the baristas here and one of the most unique drinks is an expresso made with Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream.

Herold Batoon: "It's like expresso with ice cream on top, and it's excellent. It's got the expresso taste, but it's also got the sweetness of the vanilla."

All their drinks are served in ceramic cups, so no takeout or paper cups allowed.

Cafe Bustelo on Collins Avenue in South Beach is also rocking day or night. This locally-owned coffee shop has a cult following in Miami and they take pride in the way they make their coffee.

Mercedes Pelaez, GM, Cafe Bustelo: "Our coffee comes from several Latin American countries. It's actually roasted here in Doral."

Mercedes Pelaez: "We make it in the moment. It is a fresh shot. It is made by hand, it is not made automated like most other machines are."

With deep roots in Cuban coffee making, you can sip on a cafecito cortadito or cafe con leche.

Richard Morris: "My usual is walking in and me not even having to say what I want and they know. It's cafe con leche, with extra sugar, and chocolate syrup."

Cristina Lloyd-Regular: "The one thing I always get here is my soy cappuccino. It's fabulous."

There's an upstairs loft with free wi-fi and a great place outdoors to people watch.

Ariadne Aridas: "You can also come here late at night and there's always good music playing."

Richard Morris: "It is sort of the neighborhood place. We all know each other, so it's a great time to catch up."

So feel free to espress-o yourself any place you like.

To get you out of your coffee comfort zone Cafe Bustelo offers free samples of different coffees at least three times a day.



Cafe Bustelo2319 Collins Avenue Miami Beach (305) 535-9999


Nespresso1111 Lincoln Road Miami Beach (305) 538-5995

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