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WSVN -- Want to throw a football like Drew Brees or peddle through a bike race like Lance Armstrong. Now you can thanks to a new gym in South Miami.

Patrick Hedge: "We're the only science-based program in the country."

Athletic Republic is not your average gym. It's filled with unique machines and gadgets meant to help athletes take their game to the next level.

Chazz Woodson: "I feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in."

What really makes this gym different is that all the training programs are sports specific. Athletes are put on a program for their particular sport.

Patrick Hedge: "We have protocols for everything. We take an athlete professional, athlete, high school, middle school. The evaluation is going to tell us exactly what level you are and where you wanna go, and from there we can put you in the perfect program."

Chazz Woodson is a professional Lacrosse player. He's now on a six week program designed to make him a better player.

Chazz Woodson: "The biggest part is the acceleration program, which is designed to make you more explosive, and make you faster which is exactly what I need in Lacrosse."

Like these drills with vertical jumps. He also trains on their super treadmill, which can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour.

Chazz Woodson: "My first speed test was at 17 miles an hour, my second test was at

20, the last one was 22 miles an hour."

Volleyball players can train on equipment like the solospike that calculates speed and how hard you're hitting the ball.

Emily Elkin: "It helps you know, how much you should improve on when working on your hitting."

And if you're one of those crazy people training for a triathlon, you're in luck.

Patrick Hedge: 'Right now we have a lot of triathletes training for Lake Placid. What they can do is come in, bring their bikes, we hook them up to Compu-trainer and right in front of them they have the course."

Raul Milian is gearing up for a duathalon in Miami next month.

Raul Milian: "I came to Athletic Republic really to try and take my training to another level. It's useful, because you're in your own gear, and my bike is fit for me. So it definitely makes a big difference."

But even if you're not an athlete, the gym will use these same programs to whip you into shape.

Patrick Hedge: "Something we've developed for athletes, has really turned over to the every day person who comes in and wants to lose weight you get very lean, low fat body fast."

So put your game face on and train like a pro.

Belkys Nerey: "You can pay for single sessions for $20 or get unlimited monthly sessions for $150, which is a lot less than most personal trainers."


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