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Stranger Danger

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WSVN -- These kids are getting pumped up and prepared to protect themselves.

Steven Becerra: "We have to protect our body, we have to make sure that we are safe."

Steven Becerra an expert in krav maga, the art of self defense used by Israeli soldiers is about to teach these kids how to fight off a stranger.

It's all part of an organization called South Florida Youth Sports. Their goal is to teach students of all ages what to do if a stranger tries to grab them.

Adam Lipkin: "Providing this type of weekly class, that teaches students how to protect themselves in the most dangerous situations."

Parents got a frightening reminder recently when a man was caught on surveillance camera trying to kidnap a little girl from a Walmart store in Georgia. She screamed and kicked until he dropped her and she could run to safety.

The experts here say she followed the three steps to stranger safety. Step one: Scream for help.

Adam Lipkin: "To yell as loud as you can, as many times as you can for help."

Step two: Fight back. Step three: Run for help.

Adam Lipkin: "It's not enough to simply disarm an attacker, you need to run away and get help."

As a parent, Gisela says she worries about her 8-year-old daughter when she's out of sight.

Gisela Canges: "I see in the news everything that happens, people try and abduct the kids, so it's good for her to learn how to defend herself."

Erin's parents enrolled her in the class after she was bullied at school.

Erin Rogers: "They said 'OK this is good for you, you should do this because you need to learn how to protect yourself.' It's the best thing for you."

Even 6-year-old Kayleigh knows what to do if a stranger tries to grab her.

Critical skills all kids need to stay safe.

Adam Lipkin: "We feel like all children should learn how to protect themselves and learn self-defense to avoid being a victim."

Lynn Martines: "South Florida Youth Sports is in over 35 schools right now and hopes to expand."


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