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One Laptop Per Child

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WSVN -- Jennifer Mojica: "Karen what are we going to put in the middle of our thought bubble?

These fith graders are not only excited about their history lesson, they're learning about it on brand new laptops.

Jennifer Mojica: "And you see here we have to put the spaces between the sentences too."

Students at Holmes Elementary School in Liberty City got their laptops in January.

It's part of a pilot program sponsored by One Laptop Per Child. A non-profit organization whose mission is to put a laptop in the hands of every student.

Atunya Walker: "All I heard is each child would get a laptop free of charge, and I thought what a great idea, the answer was yes."

The principal says the program puts the students in the driver's seat.

Atunya Walker: "So often they're passive receivers of information, of lectures, of learning so to speak, and now they have everything in the palm of their hands."

Teacher Jennifer Mojica says the majority of her students don't have access to this type of technology at home, now they're learning to use a keyboard and much more.

Jennifer Mojica: "I'm teaching them how to type up a word document. How to center the title, how to bold, how to underline, how to indent."

Skills they need to compete in the world 10-year old Aja likes researching people on Wikipedia.

Aja: "Like learning history, and I learned about Billy Holiday and other people."

Lewis likes using all the different programs that are now available to him.

Lewis: "You can make videos, do video chats, play games, do research."

Another big benefit? These low-cost laptops are pretty much indestructible and students now look forward to their assignments.

Jennifer Mojica: "A lot of them will beg to come before school starts, Ms. Mojica we want to work on our research projects, we want to work on our laptops."

And most importantly, each child has a laptop to call their own.

Joshua Johnson: "I like the most that it's actually ours."

Lynn Martinez: "Good news, soon students will be able to take their laptops home with them. The entire program was funded by the Knight Foundation.


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