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Teen Skin

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WSVN -- Pamela Bond: "This is the age when everything takes place."

Pamela Bond is talking to teens about what she knows best taking care of their skin.

Pamela Bond: "Now this is for your skin type and it can change."

A master aesthetician for nearly 30 years Pamela noticed there weren't many products made specifically for teens.

Pamela Bond: "Adult lines have super powered serums, super powered moisturizers and our teens don't need that heavy hit every day on their skin."

So she created a line just for them called Teen Skin Fitness based on three simple steps cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Pamela Bond: "Even if you have oily skin, it's important to hydrate."

Pamela says teens are afraid to moisturize because they think it will cause more breakouts when the opposite is true.

"Pamela Bond: If you have acne and your skin becomes dry, you can actually produce more acne."

Cristi battled acne for years.

Cristi Socarraz: "I feel like I started breaking out probably about sixth grade, seventh grade."

And stress really made the pimples pop up.

Cristi Socarraz: "Pretty much along my forehead and on my cheeks."

Pamela taught Cristi about her skin type and the products she should use.

Cristi Socarraz: "Immediately when I used it I definitely noticed results right away and it cleared up my skin like no other product I used before."

7's parenting expert Dr. Valerie Goode says parents should address skin problems with their teens before it affects their self-esteem.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "It can turn into something called body dysmorphic disorder or compulsive skin picking, it becomes their life, it becomes much bigger than it needed to be."

Dr. Val says first don't ignore the topic, let your teen talk about how it bothers them.

Dr. Valerie Goode: "Don't say you're beautiful anyway even though you have these breakouts, the child doesn't buy that."

Then take them to see a professional for proper treatment. Marcello admits having breakouts affected how he felt about himself.

Marcello Glo: "Your confidence and the way you look at yourself pretty much."

Now that pamela has taught him which products to use for his skin, it's made a big difference.

Marcello Glo: "As a guy you think it's not important at all, but sometimes it does affect you and your confidence goes up."

Pamela says if you have acne it's important to be consistent with your regimen and the good news most teens outgrow it.


Pamela BondTeen Skin Fitness:1508 San Ignacio Ave Suite 150Coral Gables, Fl 33146P: 305 663 5775


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